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'Battle of Culloden' painted by David Morier, 1746. In the public domain.

The Battle of Culloden took place on 16 April 1746 and marked the end of attempts to re-instate a Stuart monarch on the throne of Britain.

The Jacobite army was led by Charles Edward Stuart, son of the Old Pretender, James Stuart, and grandson of the deposed James II of England. Charles Edward Stuart, who was also known as the Young Pretender, landed on the Isle of Eriskay in July 1745 in an attempt to remove George II and his Hanoverian line from the throne. George II's youngest son, the Duke of Cumberland, led the Hanoverian troops in the battle.

The battle lasted just over an hour and when it was over, more than 1,000 Jacobites and around 300 Hanoverians had been killed. The aftermath proved to be almost as bloody, with the Government determined to eliminate the Jacobite threat once and for all. Its army and navy were dispersed across Scotland to punish anyone suspected of Jacobite sympathies. Measures were taken to put an end to the clan system and clan loyalties, and these included the removal of clan chiefs' legal powers and estates, and clansmen's weapons. Speaking Gaelic and the wearing of tartan were also forbidden.

The Jacobite ballad 'The Muir o Culloden' recounts how the Jacobite commanders disagreed about the course of action they should take for the battle and it also laments for the dead. Two verses of the ballad are sung here by Lizzie Ann Higgins.

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