Mar a thug Brionnaidh an car à Riobaidh 's Robaidh.

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Title - Mar a thug Brionnaidh an car à Riobaidh 's Robaidh.
Contributors - Neil Gillies
Reporters - Dr John Lorne Campbell
Item Person - Riobaidh; Robaidh; Brionnaidh

Summary - Riobaidh and Robaidh tricked by Brionnaidh.

Riobaidh and Robaidh were two brothers with a croft. Brionnaidh had a croft beside them. Each had a cow, but Brionnaidh's was well looked after while Riobaidh and Robaidh's was very thin. The brothers were jealous of Brionnaidh's cow and killed it. Brionnaidh skinned it, put a half-crown in the hide, and persuaded the innkeeper that money would fall out whenever he shook it. He got one hundred pounds for it. When they heard the price he got, Riobaidh and Robaidh killed their own cow and tried to sell the hide, but they were chased out of town.

Brionnaidh thought they would try to kill him and he changed beds with his mother. She was dead in the morning. He dressed her up and went off with her. He propped her against a well near a big farmhouse and went to the door to ask for food. The woman of the house took him in and sent her daughter for the old lady. Brionnaidh said she was deaf and the girl shook her when she didn't answer her call. She fell into the well and the girl thought she had drowned her. The family gave her a fine funeral and Brionnaidh one hundred pounds compensation.

When Riobaidh and Robaidh heard how much money he got for his dead mother, they killed their own mother and tried to sell her in the town. They came after Brionnaidh. He fled, and saw a shepherd ahead. He gave him one hundred pounds for his flock and his clothes, and they changed places. The brothers chased the shepherd into a loch and he drowned. On their way home they found Brionnaidh with his flock of sheep. He told them he got them from the man at bottom of the loch. They asked him to chase them into the loch and he was glad to do so.

Track Duration (h:m:s) - 00:19:19
Date Recorded - 1964.01.28
Language - Gaelic
Genre - Story
Collection - National Trust for Scotland

Track ID - 104743
Original Tape ID - CannaTape.0063
Audio Quality - Good
Audio Format - R2R

Classification - AT1535;

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