Tha mac an tighearna ann an gaol ri nighean fear de luchd-ob...

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Title - Tha mac an tighearna ann an gaol ri nighean fear de luchd-ob...
Contributors - Donald Alasdair Johnson
Reporters - Donald Archie MacDonald

Summary - Laird's son falls in love with an estate worker's daughter, who flees to a foreign country but eventually returns to marry him.

The laird's son fell in love with an estate worker's daughter. The girl was afraid the laird would put her father off the estate and left home. The crew of a boat took her aboard and she cooked and cleaned for them. When they arrived at their destination, she went in search of work. A man in a big house gave her a job as a servant. He was a doctor and lived alone.

She was forbidden to enter one locked room. After about a year, the doctor went away for a few days and the girl's curiosity made her look in the locked room. Seven hanged women were there. The key turned black in the lock and couldn't be cleaned. She fled and, fortunately, the boat she had come on was in the port and she told the crew what had happened. The doctor came to look for her, but they hid her in a sail. She went home.

The laird's son had been greatly distressed since she left. She said she would only marry him if he got a place of his own. An estate came up for sale and she made him bid for it, although he had no money of his own. His bid was about to be accepted when a rider came up and asked who had bought it. He then gave the laird's son a wallet containing enough money to buy the estate, and more. The couple married and, when the laird died, they had two estates. They never found out who gave them the money.

Track Duration (h:m:s) - 00:14:17
Date Recorded - 1970.03
Language - Gaelic
Genre - Story
Collection - School of Scottish Studies

Track ID - 10516
Original Tape ID - SA1970.043
Original Track ID - SA1970.043.A1
Audio Quality - Good
Audio Format - R2R

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