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Title - Riddles.
Contributors - Lucy Stewart; Jean Stewart; Charles Fiddes Reid
Reporters - Prof. Kenneth Goldstein

Summary - Riddles.

Fits in the hoose, an oot the hoose, an in the hoose fan a's deen [when all's done]? Answer: the windows.

Jean Stewart repeats the 'windows' riddle at Kenneth Goldstein's request.

Fit's tooken fae ye afore ye get it? Answer: your photo.

Fit's hairy oot an hairy in, lift yer leg an shove it in? Answer: a stocking.

Fit gangs up a lum doon, but winna come doon a lum up? Answer: an umbrella.

Come a riddle, come a riddle, come a rote tote tote,
Here comes a man with a red, red coat,
A stick in his han' and a steen in his throat,
Come a riddle, come a riddle, come a rote tote tote.
Answer: a cherry.

A lazy, lazy mother, a willin, willin father, twelve black bairns in a whitewashed hoose. Answer: a clock.

What's behind time? Answer: the back of the clock.

Fit hings high, cries sair, has a heid but nae hair? Answer: a bell.

The man 'at bought it never got it, the man 'at made it didnae need it, an the man 'at got it never saw it. Answer: a coffin.

As I climbt up the golden stair, I climbt along the golden wair [wire], I saw the king an a' his clan, riding tae Jerusalem. Answer: the moon and stars.

Track Duration (h:m:s) - 00:01:55
Date Recorded - 1959.12
Language - English, Scots
Genre - Other
Collection - School of Scottish Studies

Track ID - 46929
Original Tape ID - SA1960.138
Original Track ID - SA1960.138.A1(11)-A1(20)
Audio Quality - Good
Audio Format - R2R

Recording Location:
  County - Aberdeenshire
  Parish - Old Deer
  Village - Fetterangus

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