Mac Rìgh Alba agus An Tè Bheauty.

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Title - Mac Rìgh Alba agus An Tè Bheauty.
Contributors - Donald Alasdair Johnson
Reporters - Donald Archie MacDonald

Summary - The King of Scotland's son and An Tè Bheauty.

The King of Scotland's first wife died. They had one son. When the king re-married, the new queen was not good to the king's firstborn. She also had three sons.

There was a very bountiful tree in the garden. One night it was stripped bare. The next three years, the king asked his sons, one by one, to guard the tree. Each of them heard a loud noise at midnight and fled. The fourth year, the oldest son offered to guard it. When he heard the noise, he put up his sword and feathers fell to the ground. When he showed his father the feathers, the king said they belonged to Guileagan Foill which stayed in Rìoghachd nam Fear Mòra.

The three youngest sons went, one by one, to look for Guileagan Foill, but they did not return home. At last, the oldest son went to look for it. He got work in Rìoghachd nam Fear Mòra for the king of the country, looking after his mare, Morganair. An Tè Bheauty was the name of the king's daughter.

Guileagan Foill lived in the stable. The King of Scotland's son tried to steal Guileagan Foill, but he woke the people of the town. He made an excuse that he was out to show off the beauty of An Tè Bheauty, Morganair and Guileagan Foill. This appealed to the king. The King of Scotland's son took them out every night.

One night he ran off with them to his boat. On the way, he saw his brothers who were still searching for Guileagan Foill. The skipper told them that Guileagan Foill, Morganair and An Tè Bheauty were all on board. The brothers tricked the skipper into leaving the oldest brother behind and they and the skipper set off for home with their boats.

The oldest son became ragged. After a year, a boat came to get him. The boatman told him that An Tè Bheauty was going to marry one of his brothers. He took him home and dressed him up. He went to his father's house. When An Tè Bheauty saw him, she would not marry anyone else.

After they married, they returned to Rìoghachd nam Fear Mòra. He inherited that country after the king's death.

Track Duration (h:m:s) - 00:23:22
Date Recorded - 1975.04
Language - Gaelic
Genre - Story
Collection - School of Scottish Studies

Track ID - 54926
Original Tape ID - SA1975.030
Original Track ID - SA1975.30.A+B1
Audio Quality - Good
Audio Format - R2R

Classification - AT550;

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