Bogie's Bonnie Belle

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Title - Bogie's Bonnie Belle
Contributors - Jimmy MacBeath
Reporters - Hamish Henderson
Item Person - Morison, Isabel; Morison, Alexander; Stephen, James

Summary - In this popular ballad, a farm worker is hired by "Bogie" to work on his farm, driving his horses. He has a relationship with Bogie's daughter Isabelle, who bears him a son. When the young man offers to marry her, Bogie refuses, saying he is not her match [the young man is dismissed]. Isabelle instead marries a tinsmith and goes off with him. The singer ends by reminding us that although Belle is now married, it was he that took her maidenhead.

Track Duration (h:m:s) - 00:02:22
Date Recorded - 1952.10.15
Date of Content - 1842 to 1843
Language - Scots
Genre - Song
Collection - School of Scottish Studies

Track ID - 60895
Original Tape ID - SA1952.034
Original Track ID - SA1952.34.A6
Audio Quality - Good
Audio Format - R2R

Classification - GD1396; R2155;

Item Location:
  County - Aberdeenshire
  Parish - Cairnie
  Village - Cairnie

Item Notes - 10 verses of 4 lines.
Peter Hall (Greig-Duncan vol. 7 p. 518) has identified Isabel Morison (b. 20th September 1823 at Boghead Farm, Cairnie) as the heroine of this song. She gave birth to the illigitimate child of James Stephen on 16th June 1843, and the child was named after his father; 'Bogie' was Isabel's father, Alexander Morison.
The song was possibly written by John Geddes, grieve at Boghead farm, Cairnie, in 1865. A related song called 'Adieu to Bogieside' (Roud 4593) would appear to have been submitted to song-collectors of the early 20th century as a more literary version of this original song.
Greig-Duncan vol. 7, pp. 223-231, no. 1396
'Come Gie's a Sang' (S. Douglas, 1995) pp. 86-87
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