Tobar an Dualchais Kist O Riches

Tobar an Dualchais Kist O Riches

The voices of the past... brought to life through the latest technology

Quick Tips

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  • If a file appears to have been loading for a long time, click on the loading wheel and it should play.
  • We have made our best efforts to provide users with as much functionality as possible on the interim site. However, due to the technical complexity and high level of customisation of the original site, it was not possible to replicate all features in this interim version. If some features were essential to you and they are not available in this version, please let us know. Contact the team or complete the survey:

Simple Search

Once you enter a word in the search box ‘About’, you have the option to choose the language of recorded audio you want in a drop-down menu . The default setting for this drop-down menu is ‘Any language’.

Keywords can include subjects and themes, people's names, place names and School of Scottish Studies reference numbers.

If you are looking for a particular genre of recording, you can select it from the list of genres in the ‘I’m searching for’ drop-down menu. The default setting for this drop-down menu is ‘Anything’.

You can also select the order in which you would like results to be displayed by using the ‘Sort by’ drop-down menu. The default option for this drop-down menu is ‘Track Id’.

You can select the number of results which you would like to be displayed per page from the drop-down menu options. The default setting for this drop-down menu is 10 results per page.

When you have entered a keyword and finished making your selections from the drop-down menus, click the ‘Go’ button to get results.

Searching for People

When searching for an exact name, the entire name should be enclosed in "double quotes" e.g. "Murdo Nicolson". 'Single quotes' are treated as apostrophes. A search for Murdo Nicolson (without double quotes) will produce results for every item where the names Murdo and/or Nicolson appear.

Searching by School of Scottish Studies Reference Numbers

School of Scottish reference numbers should be expressed as three digits after the date e.g. SA1956.070 and not SA1956.70

Search terms are not case sensitive which means the use of capital letters is not important.

Examples of searches:

Search term: Retrieves all individual records containing...
Sea sea, Sea, SEA etc.
Sea* Sea, Seas, Season, Search etc.
*day Sunday, Monday etc.
*land* land, lands, lowlands, highlands
"little song" These words as a complete phrase