Chleachdaidhean a thaobh bàis.

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Title - Chleachdaidhean a thaobh bàis.
Contributors - Donald Sinclair
Reporters - Eric R. Cregeen; Dr Margaret Ann MacKay

Summary - Customs related to death.

The contributor tells of customs relating to death. No work was done on the day of a funeral. A wake was held for the three nights before the burial. In the contributor's father's day, singing and dancing took place at wakes. Sometimes wood from the loft of the house was used to make the coffin. The contributor saw a man coming to take boards from the loft when he was a child; it was the man who had died. Whisky, biscuits and cheese were given to the burial party at the graveyard.

Track Duration (h:m:s) - 00:07:22
Date Recorded - 1973.10.21
Language - English, Gaelic
Genre - Story, Information
Collection - School of Scottish Studies

Track ID - 90239
Original Tape ID - SA1973.136
Original Track ID - SA1973.136
Audio Quality - Good
Audio Format - R2R

Item Location:
  County - Argyllshire
  Parish - Tiree
  Island - Tiree

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