Tarves Rant

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Tiotal a' Chlàir - Tarves Rant
Fiosraichean - George Hay
Luchd-clàraidh -

Geàrr-chunntas - The singer, a cattleman, and his friend go into Tarves for some fun. They start out at Duthie's where the music is supplied by a man called Ironside. They then go to Mr Phillip's inn where he meets a pretty maiden. He and his friend start out for home but lose each other and he begins to shout for his friend. A policemen appears and tells him to be quiet or he will be arrested. He takes hold of him and there is a struggle, but assistance comes for the policeman and the singer is locked in a room. He manages to open the window and is dragged through by someone who does not like the police. He is later arrested, sent to Aberdeen and fined fifty shillings. He thinks the people of Tarves need a proper jail.

Fad a' Chlàir (h:m:s) - 00:06:37
Àm Clàraidh - 1952.01
Cànan - Albais
Seòrsa - Òran
Cruinneachadh - Sgoil Eòlais na h-Alba

Àireamh a' Chlàir - 18456
Àireamh an Teip Thùsail - SA1952.014
Àireamh a' Chlàir Thùsail - SA1952.14.B2 (B7)
Càileachd an Fhuaime - Math
Cruth Inneal a' Chlàir - R2R

Seòrsachadh - GD576; R4847;

Àite Clàraidh:
  Siorrachd - Siorrachd Obar Dheathain
  Paraiste - Turriff

Àite a' Chuspair:
  Siorrachd - Siorrachd Obar Dheathain
  Paraiste - Tarves

Notaichean a' Chlàir - Text and music transcribed in School of Scottish Studies. 10 verses.
Greig-Duncan vol. 3, pp. 391-396

Ceangal Maireannach -

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