Half Past Ten

Tiotal a' Chlàir - Half Past Ten
Fiosraichean - Willie Mathieson
Luchd-clàraidh -

Geàrr-chunntas - When the singer was courting his wife Jean, her father, a kirk elder, locked the door every night at 10.30 p.m., and when he saw Jean home on Sacrament Sunday, he left at half past ten. Soon after, he and a couple of friends went to the house. Jean's father welcomed them and gave them a drink, then went off to bed, telling Jean to be sure the door was locked at half past ten. Jean stops the clock and fools her father when he rises about 4 a.m., but he finds out when the cock crows and he opens the shutters to see daylight. The elder and his wife see the funny side and the wedding is agreed. The pair remember, and he warns parents not to stint their young folk's fun.

Fad a' Chlàir (h:m:s) - 00:02:41
Àm Clàraidh - 1952.01
Cànan - Albais
Seòrsa - Òran
Cruinneachadh - Sgoil Eòlais na h-Alba

Àireamh a' Chlàir - 18460
Àireamh an Teip Thùsail - SA1952.014
Àireamh a' Chlàir Thùsail - SA1952.14.B4 (B9)
Càileachd an Fhuaime - Math
Cruth Inneal a' Chlàir - R2R

Seòrsachadh - GD1501; R2856;

Àite Clàraidh:
  Siorrachd - Siorrachd Obar Dheathain
  Paraiste - Eilean
  Baile/Àite - Eilean

Notaichean a' Chlàir - 12 verses. Believed to have been written by a Mrs Bacon, who lived at Bainsford, Falkirk.
Greig-Duncan vol. 7, pp. 470-475
Ord pp. 71-72
National Library of Scotland L.C.Fol.178.A.2
Willie Mathieson's MSS I:52

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