Ballad of the Yowe Buchts

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Tiotal a' Chlàir - Ballad of the Yowe Buchts
Fiosraichean - Stanley Robertson
Luchd-clàraidh - ;

Geàrr-chunntas - Mary has gone milking and nine gentlemen come along. One takes hold of her and they spend time together. He rides off and Mary goes off with her milking pails. When she gets back to her father's home, he says she has been away a long time. She says it was because of a tod (fox) among the ewes. On a summer day when she is with her ewes, nine gentlemen come by, one jumps off his horse and asks if she will take him in but she says she has a man at home. He reminds her of the time they spent in the buchts and tells one of his men to find her a mount. He is the laird and he will marry her.

Fad a' Chlàir (h:m:s) - 00:05:33
Àm Clàraidh - 1974.02
Cànan - Albais
Seòrsa - Òran, Eile
Cruinneachadh - Sgoil Eòlais na h-Alba

Àireamh a' Chlàir - 39572
Àireamh an Teip Thùsail - SA1974.290
Àireamh a' Chlàir Thùsail - SA1974.290.B1
Càileachd an Fhuaime - Math
Cruth Inneal a' Chlàir - R2R

Seòrsachadh - C217; GD838; R92;

Notaichean a' Chlàir - 12 verses. Preceded by a fragment of conversation apparently about a mispronunciation.

Greig-Duncan Collection 4 pp. 268-275

Ceangal Maireannach -

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