The contributor talks about the family of his great-aunt Isa...

Tiotal a' Chlàir - The contributor talks about the family of his great-aunt Isa...
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Geàrr-chunntas - The contributor talks about the family of his great-aunt Isabella MacLean.

Isabella MacLean, née Bella Black, was the contributor's granny's sister on his mother's side. Her father was John Black, who came with his wife from Inveraray with one of the Argyll factors. The croft where the contributor now is was vacant and the factor gave it to his great-grandfather. Isabella's son John died young. Her son Duncan lived to be old, as did her daughters Maggie and Janet. Duncan had no English, but his brother Neil was fluent because he left Tiree to work for a man near Dalmally when he was only fourteen. Isabella herself lived to be old and had all her wits to the end. Her husband, who died young, was Archibald MacLean (Gilleasbaig Cìobair), shepherd to George MacLean of Hynish. All the family were named after the cìobair [shepherd] - Donnchadh a' Chìobair, Niall a' Chìobair, Peigi a' Chìobair and Seònaid a' Chìobair etc. All Isabella's family were poets, the best being John, but none of their poems survive. Neil came back to Tiree after working in Dalmally and Inveraray. Once near New Year he had a letter sent requesting a gallon of whisky and said the recipient would know where to get the money for it. When he died he was found to have a bank book, and the factor MacDiarmid helped his sisters to get the money.

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