First name Mr John
Second name Henderson
YOB 1926
YOD 1988
County : Lanarkshire
Parish : Glasgow
Village : Glasgow
Person ID 10648


John Henderson was born in 1926 at the Point of Ayre Lighthouse, Isle of Man. He was educated in Ramsey, Isle of Man until the age of thirteen, before moving to Glasgow. At fourteen, he was at sea in the Merchant Navy for all of the Second World War. Following the end of the war he joined the Lighthouse Service.

He served at both of Fair Isle's lighthouses for fourteen years, before joining the RAF, where he became Chief Technician. On leaving the RAF he established his own business in Lerwick, and when the shop in Fair Isle went up for sale, John and his wife Ella bought it, with John running the shop until his death in 1988.

In the words of his son Peter, John was 'a very intelligent man - he was qualified as a Captain in the Merchant Navy, a certified mechanical and electrical engineer, a piper and musician.'

John was recorded alongside his wife Ella (Person ID: 10647) in 1977 by Peter R. Cooke.

*Many thanks to John's son Peter for supplying a detailed account of his parents' lives.