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A Thormoid nach Fhuirich Thu, 22 March 1951

Track ID : 34873

This is a fragment from a song addressed to a man called Norman.

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Thèid Thu Null air an Fhadhail, 22 March 1951

Track ID : 34880

This port-à-beul says "You will go over the ford and select the girl". The man is described as a non-drinker. The port is in the rhythm of a hornpipe.

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Soraidh leis a' Mhaighdean, 22 March 1951

Track ID : 34882

This is a man's love song in which he tells of writing a letter to the fair-haired girl he loves. He needs to know that she has received it.

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An Ràcan a bh' Againne, 22 March 1951

Track ID : 34884

This 'port' tells the story of a drake which met its death at Hogmanay when thieves stole it.

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Rùda an Tàilleir, 22 March 1951

Track ID : 34886

This song tells the story of a ram which was drowned. It belonged to the tailor. Angus MacDonald was of the opinion that if it had been left on the brae, nothing would have happened to it.

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Tha d' Athair air an Daoraich, 22 March 1951

Track ID : 34888

This is a port-à-beul addressed to a little boy. In it the boy's father is described as a drunk.

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Mura tig thu Dhòmhnaill Mhóir, 22 March 1951

Track ID : 34890

This is a light ditty of the type common among the woman who worked in the fishing industry. The composer's lover is at sea and she is lonely. If Donald does not come however, she will not wait for...

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Tha Nead na Circe Fraoiche, 22 March 1951

Track ID : 34892

This is a popular vocal dance tune usually sung as a reel. It says that the moorhen's nest is in the black mill in summer. The mill wants to dance. Goats and sheep and other things that you would n...

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Highland Laddie (Diddled), 22 March 1951

Track ID : 34894

This is the tune 'Highland Laddie' sung in a style which has elements of diddling and canntaireachd.

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B' fhearr Leam Caileag Chiùin Shocair, 22 March 1951

Track ID : 34896

The man who composed this love song would prefer a gentle girl who had little wealth, to a proud and wealthy woman. He warns against taking a girl who is too much under the influence of her mother.

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