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The Trooper and the Maid, 1953

Track ID : 8280

A soldier comes to town and propositions a young woman. She stables his horse, gives the soldier a drink and takes him to bed. She follows him when he is summmoned back to duty, but he abandons her...

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The Trooper and the Maid, 1953

Track ID : 8282

A soldier arrives and meets a young woman. She gives him a drink, and takes him to bed. He is summoned back to his troop. Ewan MacColl abandons the song because the audience is not joining in the...

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The Bonnie Laddie's Lang A-growin, 1953

Track ID : 8284

Ewan MacColl believes this to be the best Scottish version of this song, and sings it to illustrate improvised ornamentation. The girl reproaches her father for marrying her to a younger boy. He t...

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Jack's kindness to his bantam cock is rewarded with riches., March 1955

Track ID : 11753

Jack's kindness to his bantam cock is rewarded with riches. An old woman asked her son, John [sometimes referred to later as Jack], to make sure that her little bantam cock got its food when she w...

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Auld Margaret, 1953

Track ID : 10734

Auld Margaret starts work at dawn. The heifers are thriving, and the cockerel knows her step and greets her with a crow. She's old and failing now, her hair and eyes faded, but she has a beautiful ...

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Reminiscence of Sir Henry Littlejohn., 1953

Track ID : 10739

Reminiscence of Sir Henry Littlejohn. When Tom Todd and his brother were small children they were with their mother and an uncle in Princes Street when the uncle identified Sir Henry Littlejohn, t...

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A poet explains that good poetry is a matter of inspiration...., 1953

Track ID : 10745

A poet explains that good poetry is a matter of inspiration. Tom Todd (T. T. Kilbucho) has to be stirred by someone or something to write a poem. It is more than just being interested in something...

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The Land Girl, 1953

Track ID : 10756

An old man, Jimmy Tamson, went daft about a beautiful, long-legged land girl from the town, but would have gone mad if he had found out about her lovers.

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The Auld Maid, 1953

Track ID : 10777

A well-built lad came by, but other girls also fancied him. The girl in the poem was content just to watch him every day. Then one night she was jealous when she saw him with the girl across the ro...

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Famous people associated with Glenholm., 1953

Track ID : 10832

Famous people associated with Glenholm. At Glenholm in the time of the Covenanters, the great preacher Donald Cargill preached his last sermon before he was taken by the dragoons and beheaded in t...

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