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Naidheachd a tha ag innse gu bheil an adag beannaichte., 26 March 1953

Track ID : 21

A tradition which says the haddock is blessed. God blessed the sea and its store by throwing a haddock into it. The two patches on its back are where His fingers touched it.

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Mar a fhuair am brù-dhearg uchd dearg., 26 March 1953

Track ID : 46

How the robin got its red breast. The robin tried to remove the stakes from Christ's chest and some blood fell onto the chest of the robin, which is how the robin got its red breast.

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Mar a rinn gobha bochd an gnothach air an Diabhal., 26 March 1953

Track ID : 57

How a poor blacksmith got the better of the Devil. A poor blacksmith with many children was approached by a gentleman who promised him plenty of money if he would go with him in a year and a day. ...

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MacDhòmhnaill na Ceapaich ann an Cinn Tàile., 23 September 1955

Track ID : 1159

MacDonald of Keppoch in Kintail. MacDonald of Keppoch came by boat to raid Kintail. He came ashore at Loch Beag, but did not find much in the houses. The men of that area had hidden, but had left ...

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Diarmad agus an Torc Neimh., 23 September 1955

Track ID : 1169

Diarmad and the Torc Neimh. Hero Tale about the Fingalians. Diarmad and Fionn were once chasing an animal called the Torc Neimh through the moorland area between Kintail and Camus Laoimhinn. They ...

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Smeòrach a' comhairleachadh do dhuine uisge-beatha òl., 25 May 1952

Track ID : 1344

Thrush advising a man to drink whisky instead of going fishing. A man going fishing interpreted a thrush's song as advice not to go or he would be drowned, and to drink up his half-bottle instead....

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Smeòrach ag ràdh ri duine am botal uisge-bheatha aige òl., 25 May 1952

Track ID : 1346

A thrush telling a man to drink his bottle of whisky. Donald, who was going fishing, met a thrush. The thrush made him drink his bottle of whisky. Afterwards, he lay down by the side of the road, ...

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Boireannach a rinn corp-crèadha air cumadh balach nach pòsad..., 25 May 1952

Track ID : 1347

A woman made a clay corpse of a boy who wouldn't marry her daughter. A woman who couldn't get a boy to marry her daughter made a 'corp-crèadha' [clay-corpse] of him stuck with nails. She left it i...

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A' tiodhlacadh Dòbhran, bràthair Chaluim Chille., 25 May 1952

Track ID : 1348

Burying Dòbhran, the brother of St Columba. When St Columba's wicked brother Dòbhran was being buried, he cried out that Hell wasn't so bad at all. Columba told them in a couplet to cover him up q...

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Rìgh Lochlainn ag iarraidh air an nighean aige Coille Alba a..., 25 May 1952

Track ID : 1349

The King of Norway's Daughter sent to burn the Caledonian Forest. The King of Norway envied the Caledonian forest because he couldn't sell his own timber and so he sent his witch daughter to burn ...

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