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An duine a leig air gun robh e marbh., 23 July 1953

Track ID : 11686

Contributors : Morrison, Angus (2066)
Fieldworkers : Campbell, Cathal (27)

The man who pretended to be dead. A man went to a house for shelter one night, and a woman let him in grudgingly. She was washing a corpse. She laid out the corpse and told the stranger she was go...

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Bana-bhuidseach mar mhaigheach., 1972

Track ID : 26778

A witch as a hare. The skipper of a boat saw a hare coming to the shore every day. He wanted to shoot it, but a man advised him to put a sixpence in his gun. When he did this, the hare turned into...

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Mac 'ic Ailein a' toirt dùbhlan do chroitear bho Ghrìminis n..., July 1974

Track ID : 18601

Griminish crofter who could not pay his rent set a task by Clanranald. People in Griminish paid rent in grain. One crofter did not have enough grain to fill the last peck and asked the factor if h...

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Mar a chaidh an Tuairisgeul Mòr a chur gu bàs., 1953

Track ID : 3085

How the Tuairisgeul Mòr met his death. The King of Ireland had built a castle while his son was away at school. The son came home, played cards, won at first then lost and had to find out how the ...

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Mòr Liath agus an Seumarlan., 1953

Track ID : 3267

Contributors : MacKenzie, Murdo (729)

Mòr Liath and the Sheriff. Mòr Liath and the sheriff, Murchadh Liath, were forever falling out. They were deft at satirising. The contributor recites one such tête-à-tête which took place between ...

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Naidheachd mu phoidseadh., 1953

Track ID : 3269

Contributors : MacKenzie, Murdo (729)

A poaching anecdote. An anecdote the contributor got from old man, Dòmhnall Chailein, about his grandmother's brother poaching deer and tricking the landowner, using some sort of jiggery-pokery.

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Sgeulachd bheag mu ghèidsearan: mu bhràthair athair an fhios..., 1953

Track ID : 3270

Contributors : MacKenzie, Murdo (729)

A short anecdote re excise men; re the contributor's uncle and a fellow from Baile a' Mhuilinn.

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Dithis bhreabadairean ann an Tiriodh, Gilleabart agus Coinneach., 1953

Track ID : 3321

Contributors : Thorburn, Samuel (1773)
Fieldworkers : Ross, James (406)

Two Tiree weavers, Gilleabart and Coinneach Beag, selling their customers' cloth to make money. Gilleabart and Coinneach Beag are two weavers in Tiree. Instead of returning completed orders for cl...

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Mar a thug mac buidealair an car às uachdaran a chuir air fa..., July 1953

Track ID : 3498

Contributors : Thorburn, Samuel (1773)
Fieldworkers : Ross, James (406)

How a butler's son tricked the landowner who banished him for theft. A butler to a Highland landowner had his son taken into service. Valuables began to go missing and the son was held responsible...

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Boireannach leis an dà-shealladh is fios aice nach robh duin..., September 1964

Track ID : 1552

Fieldworkers : Ross, Anne (352)

Woman with the second sight who knew a man in a coffin wasn't dead. A funeral procession was going to Mornish. A woman insisted they come in to her house for food. They set the coffin by the fire ...

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