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Cumha Eilean a' Cheò, 1971

Track ID : 75271

The bard thinks of Skye where he grew up. He is going to an unfamiliar place. His heart will always be in Skye.

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'Ille Dhuinn Chaidh Thu 'm Dhìth, December 1968

Track ID : 109957

In this love song, which is sometimes used as a waulking song, a woman tells of her sadness at losing the man she loves, as he has joined the army of King George. She also complains about the lies ...

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Goibhneachd an Calanais., 12 July 1982

Track ID : 68339

Contributors : Campbell, Joan (7102)

Smith-work in Callanish. The local blacksmith was called Donald MacLeod. The contributor remembers the smithy, especially the bellows. Donald could make most of the tools which the community neede...

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Iomradh air facal a bha aca an Calanais airson dreallag: rèa..., 12 July 1982

Track ID : 68346

Contributors : Campbell, Joan (7102)

Mention of the word used in Callanish for a swing.

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Naidheachd mu thàillear agus balach a bha ag obair dha., 02 May 1977

Track ID : 49625

A story about a tailor and his apprentice. A story about how a Mull tailor tried to play a trick on his apprentice and how the apprentice got the better of him. The contributor got the story from ...

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When I Went to Glasgow First, 01 May 1970

Track ID : 65408

Contributors :

Unknown Person

MacKinnon, Duncan, 1930- (4888)

A humorous macaronic song about a Gael's first visit to the big city of Glasgow.

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When I Went to Glasgow First, 1970

Track ID : 34741

This is a Gaelic and English macaronic song which tells of the bard's experiences when he first went to Glasgow. He became involved in a fight, but met a Highland policeman and got off with a warni...

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Fiosrachadh mionaideach mu dheidhinn àirighean ann an Leòdhas., 1978

Track ID : 62038

A detailed account of sheilings in Lewis. Information about Lewis sheilings. They had to be near a water supply. Detailed information about the three different types of sheiling hut and how they w...

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Creuthachan., November 1969

Track ID : 51697

Ox-blood pudding. An explanation of how ox-blood pudding was made. Cold water was mixed with the blood, some porridge was added, and it was then placed on the fire until it congealed. At this poin...

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Tha am fiosraiche ag ainmeachadh diofar sheòrsaichean de dh'..., 10 November 1975

Track ID : 62436

The contributor lists the names of the various birds they trapped in St Kilda.

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