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Fear a chunnaic each-uisge., August 1953

Track ID : 8722

The man who saw a water-horse. The contributor's great-grandfather was taking in the laird's horses. He was working after dark once and saw a horse beside the loch and brought it in. It was gone t...

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Buaidh an iarrainn air taibhse., 1956

Track ID : 7940

The power of iron over ghosts. A man was walking home carrying a cas-chrom [crooked spade]. He saw an unnaturally large fellow, who held out his hand to him. The other man put the iron piece from ...

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Daoine a' cluinntinn fuaim maistreadh a' tighinn bho chnoc/s..., 1956

Track ID : 7938

Two men hearing the sound of churning coming from a hill/fairy knoll. Two people heard a churning sound inside a hill and one wished for a drink of buttermilk. The hill opened and a pretty woman i...

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Donnchadh Bàn Mac an t-Saoir agus a mhac dìolain., 11 March 1953

Track ID : 7992

Donnchadh Bàn Mac an t-Saoir and his illegitimate son. Donnchadh Bàn Mac an t-Saoir was said to have had an illegitimate son in a nearby district who inherited his eloquence. The son knew his fath...

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Bàrd Cheann Loch Iùbh ag aoireadh a' bhàillidh., 11 March 1953

Track ID : 8007

The Bard of Kinlochewe satirising the bailiff. The Bard of Kinlochewe and his father were to be put off their land. The bailiff was coming the following day. The bard composed a satire to him that...

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Bodach à Pabaigh a thug an car às na gèidsearan., 11 March 1953

Track ID : 8012

The old man from Pabbay who fooled the gaugers. Pabbay men were making whisky when an old man on lookout saw the gaugers coming. He had no time to warn the others, so he picked up an empty barrel ...

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Dotair Rathuaidhe a' leigheas nighean., 12 March 1953

Track ID : 8592

Dr Rathuaidhe healing a girl's knee. A girl went to Dr Rathuaidhe with a knee complaint. He asked if she herded animals and sat in the grass. She said she did. A tick had gone right into her knee....

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Bràthair Morair Cholbhasa a' toirt air fear an aiseig seòlad..., 03 August 1953

Track ID : 7570

Brother of the Laird of Colonsay making the ferryman sail against his will in bad weather. The brother of the Laird of Colonsay, who was a soldier, was coming over from Islay in Gilleasba's boat. ...

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Mar a thug mac buidealair an car às uachdaran a chuir air fa..., July 1953

Track ID : 3498

How a butler's son tricked the landowner who banished him for theft. A butler to a Highland landowner had his son taken into service. Valuables began to go missing and the son was held responsible...

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A' lorg fortan aig Drochaid Shruighlea., 12 August 1953

Track ID : 5621

Searching for a fortune at Stirling Bridge. This story used to be told at the ceilidhs in Jura. An Islay man dreamt he would find money at Stirling Bridge - enough to keep him happy all his life. ...

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