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Òran an t-Sìthiche, 31 May 1967

Track ID : 51402

In a dream a fairy woman appears to the bard. She is exceptionally beautiful but very practical in that she intends to help him with his croft work. She gifts him a magic stick/staff, of Eastern or...

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Faili, Faili, Faili Ò Ro, December 1956

Track ID : 106046

The bard gives information about the song 'Faili, faili, faili ò ro', which he composed after emigrating to Canada. In this song he remembers island life in Lewis.

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Facail co-cheangailte ri crodh is eich., 1972

Track ID : 53595

Words connected with cattle and horses. (see Gaelic for names) 1. Name given to a cow which has lost a calf. 2. Name given to the skin from a dead calf, which is put on another calf so that the co...

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Mac na Banntraich agus an Dà Chù Aige, 09 March 1950

Track ID : 48923

A certain widower had an only son. One stormy night the son went out to find the animals. He took two dogs with him. On his way back, he stopped at a mill for shelter. Once inside, the dogs began t...

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Clò Mhic 'ille Mhìcheil, 09 May 1958

Track ID : 70763

Fieldworkers : Ross, James (406)

A propagandist song in favour of the Jacobite cause.

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Dh'fhàg iad mi sa cheap nam ònrachd, 20 June 1960

Track ID : 100182

Fieldworkers : Ross, James (406)

In this song a man tells of his loneliness after he has been banished, even though he did not commit a crime The contributor explains that a woman was acting as a wet nurse to a child belonging to...

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Prògram Choinnich, 12 May 1997

Track ID : 8705

Interviewers : MacLean, Flora (1089)

An account of Raasay House. Farquhar MacLennan talks about the time he spent working in Raasay House when he was a student, and also relates some of the history of Raasay House.

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A' Chaileag Mheallta, 05 January 1950

Track ID : 23854

Fieldworkers :

Unknown Person

At one time, when the contributor was a sailor, he met a girl whilst ashore in Liverpool. She came aboard the ship and met another sailor there. They were to marry, but somebody found out that she ...

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Mar a thug mac buidealair an car às uachdaran a chuir air fa..., July 1953

Track ID : 3498

Contributors : Thorburn, Samuel (1773)
Fieldworkers : Ross, James (406)

How a butler's son tricked the landowner who banished him for theft. A butler to a Highland landowner had his son taken into service. Valuables began to go missing and the son was held responsible...

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Dòmhnall Dubh Mac Iain 'ic Ailein, 07 August 1954

Track ID : 97782

Contributors : MacDonald, Hector (3275)

Dòmhnall Dubh Mac 'ic Ailein Dòmhnall Dubh Mac 'ic Ailein was sailing to Canna on a stormy day. There was a small animal following the boat. Dòmhnall Dubh had it taken on board and the storm subsi...

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