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Trì sgeulachdan beaga., 22 March 1965

Track ID : 96955

Three short stories. Three short stories. The first concerns the Fingalians, and the two fellows who went to pilfer their possessions; the second is a brief account of Glengarry's illegitimate so...

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Fear aig an robh aisling a sheall dha far an robh òr air a t..., November 1960

Track ID : 93505

A story about a man who dreamt about buried treasure. A story about a man from Cùl na Beinne Mòire, South Uist, who dreamt about buried treasure. He went to Arisaig, but did not find any treasure....

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Catriona nam Bòcan, April 1951

Track ID : 35128

There was an old woman called Catriona, Nighean Eachainn, who frequently predicted the future. Many people came to her for advice on issues such as: who he/she was going to marry; what would happen...

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An dobhar-chù., 27 February 1960

Track ID : 104278

The contributor tells of going hunting one night with a neighbour from Loch Aoineart [South Uist]. He encountered a very large otter, and was very close to it. He made several attempts to shoot it,...

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Steafain agus na dròbhairean., 01 March 1960

Track ID : 104299

A humorous story about a man in Stilligarry called Stephen MacIntosh, who told some drovers they could stay at his house. His elderly mother was worried that there was no food for them. Stephen wen...

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Steafain agus na fiachan., 01 March 1960

Track ID : 104301

There was a merchant in Loch Skiport from whom Stephen got goods on credit. There was no sign of him paying back what he owed, and he was summoned to Lochboisdale Sheriff Court. However, Stephen an...

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Mgr Raghnall agus a mhàthair., 01 March 1960

Track ID : 104310

Father Ronald and his mother stayed in Bornish. The old lady died, but the priest's housekeeper continued to see her when she went out milking. She told the priest, who did not believe her and thre...

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Mar a thachair am fiosraiche ris an t-sagart nuair a bha iad a' sealg., 28 April 1960

Track ID : 104379

The contributor and MacAskill went out hunting one snowy night. Many wild ducks used to come to get water near the 'Ròdha' in Kildonan, and that was where they hoped to go. They hid in a stack-yard...

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Am fiabhras mòr., 06 July 1960

Track ID : 104399

The contributor had a brother who worked in Skye as a shoemaker. He caught the fever and came home to Uist, where he recovered. Shortly afterwards, another of his brothers in Uist called Hector con...

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Luadhan anns an Ìochdar, Uibhist a Deas., 10 January 1970

Track ID : 106246

Waulking in Iochdar, South Uist. The contributor gives information about waulking in Iochdar, South Uist, and names women who were good at singing waulking songs.

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