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Fear Bhòirnis agus an t-each blàr dubh., 09 August 1960

Track ID : 104988

The Bornish Laird and the horse with the black facial mark. A boy used to borrow his master's horse every night when he wanted to go courting. He was caught. When he was told to appear in court, h...

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Leum MhicNeacail., 09 August 1960

Track ID : 104993

Nicolson's Leap. When Mac 'ic Ailein [Clanranald] was in Ormaclete, he used to send his infant children to a wet-nurse. When he had a son, the child was sent to a woman in Ormaclete, and she sent ...

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Catriona nam Bòcan, April 1951

Track ID : 35128

There was an old woman called Catriona, Nighean Eachainn, who frequently predicted the future. Many people came to her for advice on issues such as: who he/she was going to marry; what would happen...

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Luadhan anns an Ìochdar, Uibhist a Deas., 10 January 1970

Track ID : 106246

Waulking in Iochdar, South Uist. The contributor gives information about waulking in Iochdar, South Uist, and names women who were good at singing waulking songs.

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Chaidh am fiosraiche a dh'Uibhist ann an 1934 agus dh'fhuiri..., 22 May 1972

Track ID : 47848

The contributor moved to Uist in 1934 and stayed for 25 years. He lived in Drimsdale.

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Tha na mnathan-luadhaidh ag innse na bhite a' dèanamh aig de..., 03 June 1970

Track ID : 105182

The members of the waulking group give information about the processes involved in a typical South Uist waulking.

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Cleachdaidhean Oidhche Chullaig., 10 February 1967

Track ID : 109823

The contributor recites a Hogmanay ballad recited in the Lochboisdale area, and describes Hogmanay customs there.

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Luadhadh., 10 February 1967

Track ID : 109827

Waulking. The contributor gives detailed information about waulking as she remembered it. She sings fragments of songs including 'Hè Mo Leannan', which was used as a clapping song.

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Obair a' chlò., 10 February 1967

Track ID : 109830

Dyeing wool and weaving tweed. The contributor gives detailed information about the dyeing of wool using natural dyes and about the processes involved in weaving tweed.

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Muncaidh a theich bhon Pholitician, agus dithis sheann mhaighdeannan., 10 February 1967

Track ID : 109839

Contributors : MacEachen, Hugh (6174)

The escaped monkey and the two old spinsters. A monkey escaped when the Politician sank and reached Gerinish. It went into the house of two old spinsters, who thought it was the captain. They ga...

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