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Their Mi 'n Fhìrinn 's Gur h-I, 11 November 1971

Track ID : 109994

The contributor sings a waulking song which gives the singers opportunities for improvisation. She goes on to give information about waulking in her native area.

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Iù Bhò na Hù Bhò Gura Mis' Tha fo Mhulad, 11 November 1971

Track ID : 109996

A waulking song in the form of a lament for a man who has been drowned.

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Iomradh air luadhan ann an Cille Mhoire., 11 November 1971

Track ID : 109997

A few comments about waulking in Kilmuir, Skye.

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E Hò Rì Ill Ò Nighean Donn, 11 November 1971

Track ID : 109999

A waulking song in which a woman tells of the man she loves, and wishes she could see his ship.

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Fir aig luadhadh., 11 November 1971

Track ID : 110001

The contributor explains that men sometimes came to a waulking. They listened, but did not take part.

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Bainnsean-taighe., 11 November 1971

Track ID : 110002

The contributor describes 'bainnsean-taighe' [lit. 'house-weddings'] in the area.

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Ruidhle nam Pòg, 11 November 1971

Track ID : 110003

The contributor sings verses from a song known as 'The Kissing Reel', which may have been associated with a particular dance at one time.

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A Mhòr, a Mhòr, Till rid Mhacan, 24 April 1954

Track ID : 110354

According to oral tradition, this song was composed by a water-horse whose human lover had his child and deserted them. He is pleading with her to return to them.

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Gal agus Còineadh am Beinn Dobhrain, 24 April 1954

Track ID : 110358

A little song which tells of a strange unearthly sound, like weeping, which could be heard in Ben Dorain. It was sometimes used as a lullaby.

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Dh'Fhalbh Sinn Diluain chun a' Chaisteil, 24 April 1954

Track ID : 110359

A local humorous song for a soldier when he went to Edinburgh Castle.

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