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O hù o hó air Iain Dingeal, 22 July 1950

Track ID : 25479

This is a song sung to a baby or small child. It says that the child will go to the well, while the men of the township are working.

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Seachain Mocheirigh an Luain, 22 July 1950

Track ID : 25481

A certain girl was supposed to have kept her sweetheart from going on a journey, by reciting this verse.

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An Deicheamh Latha de Thùs a' Mhàirt, 22 July 1950

Track ID : 25482

This is a song in praise of Lord Lovat, who went away to France on the tenth day of March. The bard describes him as a hero, and tells how he was well received by King Louis. Lord Lovat's ancestry ...

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Nìghneag a' Chùil Duinn nach Fhan Thu, 22 July 1950

Track ID : 25483

The composer of this waulking song tells of his love for a beautiful fair-haired dairymaid, and how he liked to kiss her and lie in the heather with her. She has abandoned him however, and chosen t...

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Sgiobaireachd Chlann Raghnaill, 25 July 1950

Track ID : 25489

This long poem describes a voyage by the Clanranald galley from South Uist to Carrickfergus. It begins with the blessing of the galley, and goes on to describe the preparations and the actual voyag...

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Diomoladh Pìob Dhòmhnaill Bhàin, 27 July 1950

Track ID : 25491

This is a satirical song which John MacCodrum composed about the playing of a piper from Paible called Donald Bàn MacAulay. This piper had been praised for his excellence by a local bard called Joh...

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Mòr Nighean a' Ghiobarlain, 27 July 1950

Track ID : 25493

This was a popular satirical song about a lady called Marion, who seems to have been a lady of easy virtue. Her style of dress is described in detail in a humorous way.

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Tha a' Phoit Tì air an Teine, 27 July 1950

Track ID : 25495

A mouth music song, with mention of cream, bread and butter.

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Mo Chùbhrachan, 27 July 1950

Track ID : 25498

This is a lullaby in the fairy song tradition. The mother of a child stolen by the fairies lists the various animal and bird tracks she has found. She has not found any sign of her child.

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Cha Tig Mòr Mo Bhean Dhachaigh, 27 July 1950

Track ID : 25499

A bereaved father mourns the mother of his child. He lulls the child gently, observing that while everything in nature will continue to renew, his wife did not get a long life.

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