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Cant words for types of people:, August 1955

Track ID : 2323

Cant words for types of people: boonyacha or boolyarn : Irishman nyam : navvy didakai - London word for 'poor person coming to the door'.

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Nicknames for Traveller clans:, August 1955

Track ID : 2324

Nicknames for Traveller clans: pig's lug [ear] or Perthshire racheries - Travellers from Perthshire; breid an milk, croods [curds], brochans [gruel] – Perthshire Travellers' name for Aberdeenshire...

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The Moss o Barradale (The Moss o Burreldale), August 1955

Track ID : 2325

The Travellers' camp at Moss of Burreldale before the fair. Drink is taken, Jock Stewart wants to start a fight but Annie puts a pail over his head then challenges him. Jock MacQueen is blown away ...

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Lord Bateman, August 1955

Track ID : 2326

Lord Bateman is captured by pirates and imprisoned. The pirate's daughter falls in love with him and he persuades her to free him, saying he will send for her. A year later she comes to find him, b...

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The Elfin Knight, August 1955

Track ID : 2327

The Traveller meets the Devil, who gives him impossible tasks to do, but when the Traveller quotes the Bible the Devil disappears in a ball of flame. Hamish Henderson asks Bella Higgins about othe...

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The Demon Lover, August 1955

Track ID : 2328

Contributors : Stewart, Andrew (877)

The woman runs off with a man, and as they are crossing a river she asks about the hills as white as snow, and he tells her that is Heaven. She asks what the dark hill is and he says it is the hill...

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Andrew Stewart and Bella Higgins talk about childhood storie..., August 1955

Track ID : 2330

Andrew Stewart and Bella Higgins talk about childhood stories. Andrew Stewart and Bella Higgins talk about stories their grandmother used to tell. As a child, Bella heard 'Gille na Cochull Craici...

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Mo Rùn Geal Òg, 1954

Track ID : 2339

This is a song composed by a woman about her husband who was killed at the Battle of Culloden. She is mourning her husband and says that his death has destroyed her. She claims that it was Bonnie P...

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Anns na h-Eileanan Diùrach, 1954

Track ID : 2341

A love song and a song of homesickness. A girl mourns that she is in the strange land of Jura, far from her own kith and kin. Her beloved sailed away on a boat through the narrows. She praises him ...

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Nicky Tams, 1954

Track ID : 2342

A comic bothy ballad in which a ploughman describes his appreciation for his 'nicky tams' [leather thongs worn around the knees].

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