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Cha D' Fhuair Mi A-raoir Cadal, c. 1958

Track ID : 47045

This waulking song, as sung here, has four sections. In the first two, a woman is addressing the man she loves, who is a Campbell. If she could, she would give him Keppoch of Strone. In the third a...

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O hó, Mo Chaora Cheannfhionn, c. 1958

Track ID : 47047

Duncan Bàn MacIntyre composed this waulking song for a ewe given to him as a present. The song lists all the merits of the ewe and tells of her unfortunate end when killed by a fox.

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Òran na h-Aoise, c. 1958

Track ID : 47070

The bard warns that we will be worn down by age, and our vigour will decline. Old age prepares us for the grave. Among many other things, it makes us deaf, blind, wheezing, toothless, wrinkled and ...

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Tha Mulad, Tha Mulad, Lìon Mulad Mi Fhèin, c. 1958

Track ID : 47080

In the opening lines of this waulking song, the composer tells of her sadness, as the one she loves does not care for her now. The following lines are addressed to "Margaret of the Wiles", who has ...

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Tha Mulad, tha Mulad, tha Leann-dubh Orm Buan, c. 1958

Track ID : 47082

In this waulking song the author says that she will not climb the hills. She is not lamenting her friend or her lover. She is lamenting her brother who has drowned and who is amongst the seaweed. H...

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Rinn Mi Mocheirigh gu Èirigh, c. 1958

Track ID : 47084

This is a waulking song with several sections. The earlier lines have a love theme. The following section names the court which the composer would follow. This is followed by a reference to a cattl...

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'S Toigh Leam, 's Toigh Leam, 's Toigh Leam Aona-mhac, c. 1958

Track ID : 47100

The composer of this waulking song likes the brown-haired scholar of English, who will go to England and Edinburgh. He has a fine horse and is clearly a nobleman. The following section is addressed...

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A' Bhean Eudach, 02 November 1950

Track ID : 26540

In this waulking song the composer states that it is not hunger that took her to the shore, where she is now drowning. She asks her sister to stretch out a hand or foot to her, but knows she will n...

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Mo Nighean Donn à Còrnaig, 02 November 1950

Track ID : 26529

This waulking song tells of the murder of the brown-haired girl from Cornaig. The composer wishes he could be near the murderers so that he could draw his sword. He describes the girl's body and th...

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Mise a Chunnaic an t-Iongnadh, 02 November 1950

Track ID : 26534

There are several unconnected sections in this waulking song, as sung here. It begins with a section about seeing a girl whose condition is gruesomely described. In the unrelated section which foll...

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