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Chuala Mi Do Ghlaodh sa Bhruthach, March 1963

Track ID : 28457

This is a fragment from a song which tells of a murder. The song is sometimes attributed to a fairy woman, whose mortal lover has been killed.

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Tha an Crodh-laoigh san Fhraoch aig Màiri, June 1964

Track ID : 99712

This is a little lullaby which tells of Mary's cattle in the heather. The other cattle are on an island in the sea.

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Murchadh MacCoinnich agus an taibhse., June 1962

Track ID : 14017

Murdo MacKenzie and the ghost. An anecdote about a ghost seen by Murdo MacKenzie. The ghost was supposed to be that of a Highland laird, who was killed years earlier.

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A' bleith eòrna., 1972

Track ID : 74031

Grinding barley. The contributor explains how barley was ground when she was young. The barley was dried before it was ground using a quern. It was then used for making porridge.

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Na seòladairean a chaidh a mharbhadh, agus leac an duine mhò..., August 1966

Track ID : 57635

The sailors who were killed, and the big man's tombstone. The Hogharry women were collecting shellfish one day when a boat appeared. They ran home and informed their men folk, who went and dispatc...

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Fòrladh Alasdair Bhàin, 1963

Track ID : 44332

This is a humorous song about a First World War soldier, whose attempts to get to Uist during his leave were not successful.

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Mar a dh'fhàs clòimh air each., 13 May 1976

Track ID : 18558

Contributors : Dick, Lachlan (413)

The horse that grew wool. A story about a man who sought a witch's help to bring his dead mare back to life. She gave him a potion which was to be poured over the dead animal. Unfortunately, his w...

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Cur-seachadan cloinne ann am Beàrnaraigh., September 1976

Track ID : 67357

Contributors :

Unknown Person

Fleming, Cirsty Mary, 1909-1996 (5554)

Children's pastimes in Berneray. The contributor discusses how children would play and make little houses in her youth. The girls collected broken dishes to play with. They made 'bread' from mud i...

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Taighean-dubha an Calanais., July 1982

Track ID : 68330

Contributors : Campbell, Joan (7102)

Blackhouses in Callanish. The cattle lived in one end of the blackhouse, and the humans in the other. The fire, which was in the middle of the kitchen floor, was often surrounded by the iron rim o...

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Beagan fiosrachaidh mun sgoil., July 1982

Track ID : 68335

Contributors : Campbell, Joan (7102)

Some information regarding schooling. Children would go to school at the age of five. The school was in Breasclete. They used to take a peat to school each day. Children would use a slate for writ...

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