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Tha am fiosraiche a' mìneachadh cuid de na faclan anns na h-..., July 1961

Track ID : 64787

The contributor explains some of the words that he uses in his songs.

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Chaidh Màiri nighean Alasdair Ruaidh a thiodhlacadh ann an R..., 1961

Track ID : 57907

Mary MacLeod was buried in Rodel in Harris with her face placed downwards, as she had requested.

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Faidhir an t-Seasgainn, 28 August 1973

Track ID : 109150

A humorous song about a horse the bard got at Shiskine Fair in Arran.

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Tha Fadachd Cian Do Ghaoil Orm, 27 November 1975

Track ID : 95204

This song is made up of a series of impossible events. The brother or spouse of the composer was faced with a death sentence and she had to make up a song that didn't contain any truths. There are ...

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Bheir Soraidh Bhuam dha na Hearadh, 14 August 1975

Track ID : 95419

In this waulking song a woman asks for greetings to be taken to her beloved in Harris. She praises him for his hunting skills and tells that they often lay together in a secret hiding place. The s...

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Hilean a Hilean i, 15 August 1975

Track ID : 95425

In this love song a woman is sad because she is separated from her beloved.

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Hiuraibh O Hoireann, 30 October 1975

Track ID : 95428

In this love song a woman is sad because she is no longer with her beloved. She praises him and tells that he went to Ireland, but that he never returned.

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Cha Till MacCruimein, 18 November 1975

Track ID : 95432

In this pibroch song the composer says that MacCrimmon will not return.

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Tha am fiosraiche ag ainmeachadh diofar sheòrsaichean de dh'..., 10 November 1975

Track ID : 62436

The contributor lists the names of the various birds they trapped in St Kilda.

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Fiosrachadh mu dheidhinn obair bleithe., June 1964

Track ID : 42485

Information about milling. Names for different parts of grain. Information about, and names for, different stages of the milling process and the tools used.

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