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Tha Dùil a'm Cinnteach, 1970

Track ID : 68515

The bard is away from Barra, but knows he will return there.

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Discussion about the cèilidh house and mention of Carmichael..., 1970

Track ID : 68525

Discussion about the cèilidh house and mention of Carmichael's collection in Barra.

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Gobhair agus caoraich., June 1974

Track ID : 104595

Goats and sheep. The contributor remembers a North Uist family coming on holiday to Barra and bringing a goat with them. It was the first goat she had ever seen. She has heard of sheep being milk...

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Prògram Choinnich, 09 July 1998, 09 July 1998

Track ID : 15692

The new Barra ferry MV Clansman. Ronald MacNeil gives his opinion on the new ferry for Barra MV Clansman.

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Fiosrachadh mun t-seòrsa aodaich a bha air a dhèanamh am Bar..., August 1970

Track ID : 67246

Information about the type of cloth and clothing made in Barra. People made their own clothes. The tailor made men's trousers and underpants. Information about the different types of tweed they us...

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Òran na Mulachaig, 27 February 1951

Track ID : 33445

In this humorous song the bard tells about a lump of cheese and some funny events connected to it.

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Iomradh air dà thuras a theich nigheanan òga air bàtaichean..., 1970

Track ID : 68753

Two instances of girls stowing away on boats crossing from Barra.

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'S e Mo Chaochladh Mòr a Thàinig, 09 March 1950

Track ID : 48927

A song composed by a fellow from Maol Dòmhnaich who asked a boat's crew from Brevig to ferry him across to Barra. The day was stormy and the crew did not hear him shouting. He describes the boat an...

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The Quaker's Wife/Captain Carswell/The High Road to Linton/Unknown, June 1974

Track ID : 81983

The contributor explains how she learnt canntaireachd. She then sings four tunes. These include 'The Quaker's Wife', 'Captain Carswell' and 'The High Road to Linton'.

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Mo Mhàthair, June 1974

Track ID : 81984

A song full of praise for the composer's mother.

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