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An Tèid Thu Leam a Mhàiri, September 1975

Track ID : 1600

This is a love song asking a girl if she will come and join the bard. The girl does not accept the invitation.

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Tha am fiosraiche ag innse mar a dh'fhosgail i fèill-reic na..., September 1975

Track ID : 1601

The contributor explains how she opened the local Sale of Work.

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Thuirt I Rium air Cùl a' Ghàraidh, September 1975

Track ID : 1602

This is a common song in a localised version.

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Prògram Choinnich, 23 January 1995, 23 January 1995

Track ID : 1606

Project officer employed for development projects at the Gearrannan Blackhouse Village and the Callanish Standing Stones. Calum Iain MacLeod is the newly employed Project Officer for development ...

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Prògram Choinnich, 23 January 1995, 23 January 1995

Track ID : 1617

A trip to Nepal and a description of the country. Fay Hay visited her daughter Kirsty and her family in Nepal. She discusses why she was there and what kind of country it is, how to travel there, ...

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Cailleach Mhòr Stadhlaigh, September 1975

Track ID : 1625

This song is a satire directed at those who believed in ghosts, and describes an encounter with a particularly big and ugly phantom old woman.

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Mar a thachair Fearchar ri bana-bhuidseach aon oidhche ann a..., September 1975

Track ID : 1626

How Fearchar met a witch while spending the night in a bothy. Fearchar was spending the night in a bothy. A little fair haired girl came in. She was afraid of Fearchar's dog and asked him to tie a...

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Mar a phòs Dòmhnall Mairead à Beàrnaraigh na Hearadh., September 1975

Track ID : 1627

How Dòmhnall Mairead from Berneray Harris got married. The contributor tells how a local man known as Dòmhnall Mairead got married. The bride's father disapproved of the marriage but the marriage ...

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Tha Ceit an Tàilleir ag innse mu thaigh Dhòmhnaill Mairead,..., September 1975

Track ID : 1628

The contributor describes a well-known local ceilidh-house known as 'Taigh Dhòmhnaill Mairead'.

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Tha Ceit an Tàilleir a' dèanamh rann beag a' moladh a nàbaid..., September 1975

Track ID : 1629

The contributor improvises a few lines in verse, in praise of her neighbour Norman MacAskill, and he replies.

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