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Dealan-dè, 27 October 1987

Track ID : 36958

A Second World War account. Paul Galbraith tells of how he came to be in the Paratroopers and gives an in-depth account of the training required before he went to the Normandy landings in 1944. He...

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Dealan-dè, 10 February 1987

Track ID : 34927

Fifty years working on Eigg Estate. The contributor worked on Eigg Estate from the age of sixteen until he was sixty-five. The area of Eigg Estate is 6,000 acres. There were 2,000 sheep on the est...

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Dealan-dè, 07 August 1990

Track ID : 98094

A number of delegates discuss the Celtic Congress in their native tongues.

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Dealan-dè, 27 October 1989

Track ID : 95713

Teaching piping and singing in Cape Breton. Finlay MacNeill has been visiting Cape Breton each summer for nearly twenty years to teach piping and singing. He explains how this all began, who he te...

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Dealan-dè, 01 August 1989

Track ID : 78073

Staff and members of the public on a charity cruise onboard the MV Hebridean Isles discuss the event.

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Tha am fear-naidheachd a' bruidhinn ris an fhear-chiùil ainm..., 30 March 2004

Track ID : 94442

The reporter interviews the great musician Fergie MacDonald. Aspects of his own life are examined in light of a recently published autobiography, 'Fergie: Memoirs of a Musical Legend'. Many topics ...

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Dealan-dè, 04 November 1986

Track ID : 32913

The different materials the School of Scottish Studies has collected. Donald Archie MacDonald talks about the different materials which the School of Scottish Studies has made. As well as using ta...

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Dealan-dè, 13 June 1986

Track ID : 30603

The book 'Go Listen to the Crofters'. Agnes Rennie talks about the book 'Go Listen to the Crofters'. She says how appropriate it is that the book should come out at a time when the Crofting Act is...

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Dealan-dè, 14 February 1986

Track ID : 27705

Sixty years of marriage. Cailean MacLean talks to James Campbell and his wife who have been married for 60 years. He asks why their marriage has been so successful and also if they have any advice...

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Dealan-dè, 15 November 1988

Track ID : 64107

The work of a Radio Navigator on a plane. The contributor discusses his work as a Radio Navigator on planes. He talks about the different types of planes on which he worked and he explains the wor...

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