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'S cian nan cian bho dh'fhàg mi Leòdhas, February 1953

Track ID : 1846

A Lewis song composed by one who misses the island he left.

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'S ann bhuam fhìn a dh'fhalbh an saighdear, February 1953

Track ID : 1867

A song by a mother who thinks of her soldier son.

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Geordie Gunn, January 1952

Track ID : 2009

Geordie Gunn claims to be the pride of his family. He says he does not care for the women he meets and that he would not give his grandmother for one of them. When they marry, quiet girls become sh...

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Courtin amang the Kye, January 1952

Track ID : 2020

The singer overhears a young couple courting. The young man wants his love to come away with him but she says she is too young and poor. She tells him to court another, richer girl, but he says he ...

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The Lothian Hairst, January 1952

Track ID : 2022

The song celebrates particular scythemen who travelled by boat from North-East Scotland to work on the farms of the Lothians.

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Òran do Mhac Eòghainn Fìdhleir, February 1953

Track ID : 2024

This song is a lament composed by a father, describing his grief after the drowning of his son. It goes on to describe the talents of the son as a fisherman and as a sportsman. The son's temperamen...

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Hi ù ò ra hù bhò, February 1953

Track ID : 2026

In this song a woman tells of her sorrow after the drowning of her beloved, describing his body in the sea and his hair being tossed among the seaweed.

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Bidh an Deoch air Làmh mo Rùin, February 1953

Track ID : 2029

In this waulking song the bard wishes she was in Uist, where her son is.

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Hò ra hù a Nighean Dubh Nighean Donn, February 1953

Track ID : 2032

In this waulking song, a sailor expresses the hope that his beloved will not take the tailor, the shoemaker, the shepherd or the herdsman.

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Tha na fèidh am Bràigh Ùige, February 1953

Track ID : 2044

This little song is a lament by a woman for the death of a man she describes as a hunter.

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