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Fiosrachadh mu dheidhinn Amy NicRuairidh., 06 December 1952

Track ID : 71867

Information about Amy MacRuairi. Information about Amy MacRuairi, who first brought monks and nuns to Uist and who built Castle Tioram in Moidart. Information about her descendents and about MacDo...

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Cleachdaidhean Callainn., September 1958

Track ID : 39693

Verses, sheep's tail candle, cairn of curses and other Hogmanay customs. The boys went from door to door reciting verses at Hogmanay. The contributor recites one. Bannocks were made for them and t...

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Fear a chunnaic manadh bàthaidh., 26 September 1958

Track ID : 39271

A man saw an omen of a drowning. A man who was watching people dancing turned pale and stumbled. He said a dancer named Donald John had seaweed on his face. Donald John drowned three days later.

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Mar a thachair dha ministear a chaidh a thaigh falamh far an..., October 1958

Track ID : 40337

What happened when a minister went to an empty house where people were seen. There was an empty house, but people were seen coming and going. A minister went to spend a night there and took the Bi...

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Fiosrachadh mun Ghruagaich 's mun Bhrùnaidh., 19 September 1958

Track ID : 38847

Information about the Gruagach and the Brownie. There were place names such as Leac na Gruagaich. The Gruagach was a woman. If one left the band off the spinning-wheel she might be heard using it ...

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Cluasagan agus itean., 28 April 1977

Track ID : 65374

Pillows and feathers. Pillows used to be stuffed with puffin feathers. The fishermen would catch these on islands such as St Kilda. The contributor remembers one being kept as a pet.

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Fiosrachadh mu ghoibhnean agus ceàrdaichean., 1972

Track ID : 72019

Information about smiths and smithies. The old smithies were built close to water. The smith was educated and highly regarded. Nobody but the smith was allowed to enter the smithy. He kept his cra...

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Eas Niagara, 1972

Track ID : 107185

A poem which the contributor composed in praise of the Niagara Falls, which he visited when on holiday in Toronto.

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Cumha Eilean a' Cheò, 1971

Track ID : 75271

The bard thinks of Skye where he grew up. He is going to an unfamiliar place. His heart will always be in Skye.

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Iomradh air trì blàir ann an Colbhasa., 30 July 1953

Track ID : 5412

Mention of three battles in Colonsay. 1. A battle took place in Colonsay against the Vikings. Men in the harvest fields fought off the invaders with sheaves of rye. The battle was called Latha Blà...

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