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Boireannach ann an riochd màirt a' toirt ionnsaigh air duine..., August 1970

Track ID : 28124

Woman takes the form of a cow and attacks a man. The contributor's grandfather was a young man in Kildonan. He was courting girl and they fell out. He was going to a waulking at the girl's house a...

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Mac 'ic Ailein a' toirt dùbhlan do Ghille Phadara Dhuibh le..., August 1970

Track ID : 28143

Clan Ranald tests Gille Padara Dubh's skill at archery. Gille Padara Dubh was married with a son. Clanranald wanted to test his skill with a bow and arrow. He put apple on the son's head to see if...

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Sùil a Sporain agus Sùil a Dia., August 1970

Track ID : 28382

Sùil a Sporain and Sùil a Dia - belief in money and belief in God There were two men, Sùil a Sporain, who thought money would provide everything, and Sùil a Dia, who believed that God would. Sùil ...

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Fichean, Foichean agus Dòmhnaill - triùir nabaidhean a bhiod..., August 1970

Track ID : 28384

Fichean, Foichean and Donald - three neighbours who tormented each other. There were three neighbours, Fichean, Foichean and Donald, who lived with their mothers. Donald often tormented Fichean an...

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An Ceatharnach Caol Riabhach a' dèanamh chleasan drùidheachd..., August 1970

Track ID : 28387

An Ceatharnach Caol Riabhach - the slim hero performs magical feats in Ireland. O Donnell in Ireland had the best cleasaichean [magicians/performers] gathered for contest, for a 300 marks prize. A...

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Cù dubh Mhic a' Phì a' sàbhaladh a mhaighstir., 19 July 1971

Track ID : 25460

MacPhee's black dog saves its master. MacPhee had a black dog. It was no good, but whenever he was asked why he kept it, he always said, "The black dog's day will come yet." There was a cave calle...

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Solas mar mhanadh bàis., 19 July 1971

Track ID : 25486

Light as a premonition of death. People had been seeing a light coming along the road at night for many weeks. A woman died and night had fallen before the funeral procession reached the graveyard...

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Solas mar mhanadh bàis., 19 July 1971

Track ID : 25497

Light as a death omen. A laird died on the moor. A light was often seen beforehand, along the route by which the body was brought home. It was never seen again after that.

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Corp-crèadha agus a bhuaidh., 19 July 1971

Track ID : 25504

A man recovered when a clay effigy was broken. Two men were coming from the moor. One was struck with a terrible pain. His companion went to Knockrome and found a clay effigy behind the door in a ...

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Buaidh na droch-shùil., 19 July 1971

Track ID : 25541

The power of the evil eye. Someone had a sick calf. An old woman told her to put a sixpence in the pail before going to the well and she would meet the person causing the harm. It worked.

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