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Seanchas air na sìthichean agus an t-adhbhar nach eil daoine..., c. August 1953

Track ID : 12101

Tradition relating to fairies and the reason they are not seen anymore. The contributor tells a story he heard in a cèilidh house in the north-west of Skye. An old man asked why fairies were no lo...

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An t-amadan a ghoid feur an t-sagairt., 20 August 1953

Track ID : 11042

The fool who stole the priest's hay. A fool was sent to steal the priest's hay. The priest saw him and set light to the bundle which the fool was carrying. The fool fled thinking the Devil had com...

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An nighean a smaoinich gur e eun-Frangach an t-Admiral., 21 August 1953

Track ID : 11103

A servant girl mistakes a turkey for an Admiral. A servant girl was sent to the Admiral's house on an errand and told how to address him. She saw a turkey near the big house and thought she had me...

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Am poidsear agus an tàillear a' teicheadh an dèidh dhaibh fu..., August 1953

Track ID : 9014

Contributors : Shaw, John (1766)

The sheep-stealer and the tailor fleeing from noises in the graveyard. A woman had died and had nuts put in the coffin with her. A man who had gone to steal sheep was returning by the graveyard an...

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Dhà no trì fhaclan air an uair a reic Calum MacCràin na cear..., August 1953

Track ID : 9018

Contributors : Shaw, John (1766)

Brief mention of when Calum MacCrain sold his hens.

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Calum MacCràin agus an t-àm a chaidh a thogail leis a' phres..., August 1953

Track ID : 9020

Contributors : Shaw, John (1766)

Unknown Person

Calum MacCrain and the time he was taken by the press gang. Calum MacCrain was taken by the press gang and was away for 21 years. His mother did not recognise him when he returned. She said she wo...

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Tearlach Mac a' Bhodaich, August 1970

Track ID : 27831

Charles - the old man's son. There was an old couple who always put stranger's portion in pot when cooking. A woman with two children came to the door one stormy night. They received food and shel...

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Mac an tighearna agus nighean a' bhodaich bhochd. , August 1970

Track ID : 27934

Laird's son and poor man's daughter. The Laird's son was courting the daugher of an old man on the estate. Her father was in danger of being evicted because of this, so his daughter left to protec...

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Boireannach ann an riochd màirt a' toirt ionnsaigh air duine..., August 1970

Track ID : 28124

Woman takes the form of a cow and attacks a man. The contributor's grandfather was a young man in Kildonan. He was courting girl and they fell out. He was going to a waulking at the girl's house a...

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Mac 'ic Ailein a' toirt dùbhlan do Ghille Phadara Dhuibh le..., August 1970

Track ID : 28143

Clan Ranald tests Gille Padara Dubh's skill at archery. Gille Padara Dubh was married with a son. Clanranald wanted to test his skill with a bow and arrow. He put apple on the son's head to see if...

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