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An triùir bhana-bhuidseach agus an cù dubh., July 1953

Track ID : 18139

The three witches and the black dog. Whilst three lads were going to sleep one night in a place called Tobhtag nam Ban Ruadha, three witches came in. They killed two of the lads, but the other esc...

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Dòmhnall Cam agus mar a mharbh e saighdearan Chaisteal Steòrnabhaigh., March 1955

Track ID : 29010

How Dòmhnall Cam killed the soldiers in Stornoway Castle. On one occasion, Dòmhnall Cam went to Stornoway Castle. He put a large shawl about him and danced on the sand. When the English soldiers c...

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Fionnlagh Dubh nam Fiadh., 23 September 1955

Track ID : 1291

Fionnlagh Dubh nam Fiadh. Fionnlagh Dubh nam Fiadh was a strong man from Kintail. Lochaber raiders stole some of his cattle. He went after them, killed the men and retrieved his beasts. Some weeks...

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Fuaim ro bhàs., March 1953

Track ID : 2624

A noise before a death. A man nicknamed Morgan from Kneep, Lewis, told the contributor the following story. When newly married, he came home one day to find his pregnant wife very distressed. She ...

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Sgeulachd mu bhalach a chaidh a thoirt air falbh an aghaidh a thoil., 01 May 1970

Track ID : 65676

A story about how one boy was kidnapped and another was hanged for his murder. Two farm servants were staying in a bothy. One of them got up in the night because his nose was bleeding. He went out...

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Saobh-chràbhaidhean nan Gàidheal co-cheangailte ri eòin., 28 May 1956

Track ID : 70552

Bird superstitions in the Highlands and Islands. The contributor gives an account of some of the superstitions regarding birds, to which the Highlanders gave credence at one time. There are exampl...

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Mac gòrach na banntraich Sgitheanaich., February 1953

Track ID : 1839

The foolish son of a widow from Skye helped by a ghost to find money. The foolish son of a widow from Skye was looking for a place to spend the night. When he was going to a certain house, he met ...

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Murachan agus Marachan a' buain ùbhlan., 1953

Track ID : 3623

Murachan and Marachan picking apples. Murachan and Marachan went to pick apples. Murachan went up the tree and knocked them down to Marachan, who subsequently ate all of them. Murachan went off to...

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Na tachartasan annasach aig Fionn na òige., June 1953

Track ID : 4252

Fionn's adventures in his youth. A long time ago there was a king called Cumhal who could only be killed through a mark below his right breast. His guard Arca Dubh killed him one night. Cumhal's w...

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Tha gille a bha fo gheasaibh gum feumadh e eun a lorg a' pòs..., July 1965

Track ID : 44062

A boy put under a spell to find a bird marries a beautiful girl. A boy was badly treated by his foster mother. He found a special feather on the shore and she put him under a spell to find the bir...

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