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Tha Iain Beag air Fhuadach, 1971

Track ID : 49014

Verses composed to John MacDonald, who married a Uist woman.

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Come a Riddle, 1963

Track ID : 50258

Come a riddle, come a riddle, come a rote tote tote, My father wears a wee red coat, A staff in his hand an a stane in his throat, Come a riddle, come a riddle, come a rote tote tote.

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The Deil Fell Aff/I Hae Telt Ye Lang, 1963

Track ID : 50261

The Devil fell off the top of an oven and skinned his buttocks. An old wife took him home and seduced him to make Jessie, the Flower o Dunblane. I hae telt ye lang, lassie, I hae telt you lang, Ye...

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Deoch-slàinte a rinn am fiosraiche fhèin. , September 1969

Track ID : 50577

A toast composed by the contributor.

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Tha am fiosraiche ag aithris rannan a rinn Calum MacAsgaill..., 1971

Track ID : 49195

The contributor recites verses composed by Malcolm MacAskill to John MacLeod and his son, Murdo.

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Tha am fiosraiche ag aithris rann a bhiodh iad ag èigheachd..., 1971

Track ID : 49260

The contributor recites a verse which they used to shout after a girl.

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Tha am fiosraiche ag aithris rannan a rinn i don neach-clàra..., 1971

Track ID : 49228

The contributor recites verses she composed to the interviewer.

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Ruidhleadh an Gille Càm, September 1969

Track ID : 50627

Part of a mouth music song, recited. It is a reel.

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Rann air a dhèanamh leis an fhiosraiche sa bhad, a' leigeil..., 1968

Track ID : 50733

Impromptu farewell verse composed by the contributor.

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B' e Siud a' Chulaidh-nàire, September 1975

Track ID : 55646

In this song the bard is criticising the Clearances. He says that is is shameful that strong people have had to leave the country. He is sorry that there is nobody there to hear the lark in the mor...

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