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Na bi Smaointeachadh, a Mhàiri, April 1951

Track ID : 35047

The man who composed this song assures Mary that he loves her more than he loves his mother. He always thinks of her when he is at sea, even when he is climbing the mast. He wishes he could always ...

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Mar a chaochail Mgr Seòras leis an fhiabhras, 1897., April 1951

Track ID : 35104

How Fr Rigg died in the fever, 1897. A certain family had the fever, and Fr Rigg would visit every day to help with cleaning, etc. Nobody else would go near the place. When the old woman died, she...

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'S ann tha Còmhradh Grinn aig an Fhitheach, April 1951

Track ID : 35105

This little song is a conversation among the birds. These include the raven, the seagull and the pigeon.

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Ho Mo Ghiullan Gaolach Thu, April 1951

Track ID : 35107

This is a lullaby in which a mother tells of her lack of strength to put her child to bed. Her husband is out enjoying himself. She is in the graveyard.

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Tha Trì Spògan Deiridh, April 1951

Track ID : 35110

This port-à-beul tells of the Kerrera cockerel with 3 back legs. He was good for creating pullets. The tune is a reel.

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Cnàmh do Chìr a Chaora Ruadh, April 1951

Track ID : 35112

The first verse of this port-à-beul in strathspey time speaks of a sheep chewing the cud. The second verse tells of a lad with a long coat and short trousers which suit him well.

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Tha Ceann Ruadh air a' Ghille, April 1951

Track ID : 35114

This is a Gaelic vocal dance tune which says that the boy has red hair but his mother's hair is black. It asks who was the boy's father. The tune is a reel.

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Hé ho ró mo Mhàiri Lurach, 02 November 1951

Track ID : 49743

In this love song the bard says that he gave his love to a girl called Mary and he is very sad that he is not with her. He often thinks of her when he is not with her.

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Haoi Ho Chuala Mi e, ach Cha do Chuir Mi Diù Ann, 04 June 1957

Track ID : 51703

Contributors : MacDonald, Annie (6014)

In this mouth music song the bard says that he heard it from five people that his darling left him, but he did not pay attention. The second section refers to going to America.

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Air Feasgar Samhraidh Sàbaid Dhomh, 04 June 1957

Track ID : 51704

Contributors : MacDonald, Annie (6014)

In this song the bard says that he is very sad that he is not with his beloved. He is walking by himself and only the birds are there. He wishes that he was with his darling. He then praises the pl...

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