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Taighean-dubha an Calanais., July 1982

Track ID : 68330

Contributors : Campbell, Joan (7102)

Blackhouses in Callanish. The cattle lived in one end of the blackhouse, and the humans in the other. The fire, which was in the middle of the kitchen floor, was often surrounded by the iron rim o...

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Beagan fiosrachaidh mun sgoil., July 1982

Track ID : 68335

Contributors : Campbell, Joan (7102)

Some information regarding schooling. Children would go to school at the age of five. The school was in Breasclete. They used to take a peat to school each day. Children would use a slate for writ...

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Bainnsean agus dannsaichean., 12 July 1982

Track ID : 68341

Contributors : Campbell, Joan (7102)

Weddings and dances. There was a wedding in Breasclete on the night of the 'Iolaire' disaster. Everybody anticipated the return of those who had been to war, but this was not to be. The wedding da...

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Cuachag an Fhàsaich, 30 May 1969

Track ID : 29149

The song describes a beautiful milkmaid. According to the poet, her voice was sweeter than that of the thrush. Silk gloves would suit her.

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Iorram na Truaighe, 05 August 1965

Track ID : 14802

A lament for John MacLeod of Dunvegan, brother of Sir Norman MacLeod of Bernera.

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Ùisdein mhic Ghilleasbaig Chlèirich, June 1964

Track ID : 99697

This waulking song refers to a man called Hugh MacDonald (Ùisdean mac Ghilleasbaig Chlèirich). He had a bad reputation as a murderer and looter. The composer of the song expresses her hatred of him...

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Fiosrachadh mionaideach mu bhith ag obair le eich., June 1964

Track ID : 42461

Contributors : Stewart, Peter (5567)

Detailed information about working with horses. The contributor knows a great deal about working with horses and provides detailed information on the subject.

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Sgeulachd a tha a' mìneachadh nan diofar fhaclan a bh' aca a..., 1969

Track ID : 48857

A story highlighting the different Gaelic words used in Perthshire and Lochaber for 'axle' and 'oil'.

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Tha am fiosraiche a' mìneachadh brìgh fhaclan Gàidhlig., November 1966

Track ID : 64364

The contributor explains the meaning of a number of Gaelic words.

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Mìneachadh air brìgh fhaclan Gàidhlig., November 1966

Track ID : 64367

The meaning of a number of Gaelic words. The contributor explains the meaning of a number of Gaelic words: gàdag, 'gàdag 's a dà cheann fosgailte'; spreadhan; and sgiathag. Mention of a song about...

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