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The Paps of Glencoe, 1960

Track ID : 21789

Diddling was the means whereby pipers taught each other tunes before there was written music. 'The Paps o Glencoe' was composed by John MacDonald of Ballachulish. Ned Stewart diddles the tune.

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Unknown, 1960

Track ID : 21790

Diddling was the means of learning pipe tunes before there was written music. Ned Stewart diddles a strathspey.

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Diddling was how pipe tunes were kept alive, but it is hard..., 1960

Track ID : 21792

Diddling was how pipe tunes were kept alive, but it is hard to diddle unless you are a piper.

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Jesus Loves Me (parody), 1960

Track ID : 21796

Contributors :

Unknown Person

Parody of the hymn 'Jesus Loves Me'.

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The South Uist Golf Club, 08 August 1956

Track ID : 21139

Fieldworkers : Ross, James (406)

Diddling of the strathspey 'The South Uist Golf Club'.

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Ilka Blade o Grass keps its ain drap o dew, July 1956

Track ID : 18246

Contributors : Storie, James (2925)

A song encouraging listeners not to be disheartened by life's hardships and to remember there will be a better tomorrow. Followed by some biographical information. The contributor has been singing...

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The Lea Rig, July 1956

Track ID : 18253

Contributors : Storie, James (2925)

A pastoral love song.

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Let a' the Rhymers Sing Aboot, July 1956

Track ID : 18255

Contributors : Storie, James (2925)

A patriotic song praising Scotland and, in particular, Robert Tannahill and Robert Burns.

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The Scottish Emigrant's Farewell, July 1956

Track ID : 18256

Contributors : Storie, James (2925)

In this song, an emigrant bids farewell to the Scotland he loves, vowing always to remember and toast her.

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The Brundenlaws, July 1956

Track ID : 18258

Contributors : Brown, Peter (2928)

A comic song about a man who uses a ladder to climb up a house and talk with his sweetheart, only to be forced to break the ladder during a hasty escape. They are soon found out and forced to confe...

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