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Còmhradh ann am bàrdachd eadar seòladair Sgitheanach a choin...

Track ID : 4194

An exchange in verse after a Skye sailor met a woman of Skye origin in Tasmania.

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Sgeulachd os-nàdarra mu fhear a dh'iarr cuideachadh on Droch..., c. June 1953

Track ID : 4838

A supernatural story about a man who asked the Devil for help. An account of a man who was walking home from the inn. Being so tired, he was searching for an animal he could ride home. He asked th...

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Sgeulachd mu ghalla a bha math air maighichean a ghlacadh., c. June 1953

Track ID : 4841

A story about a bitch that was very good at catching hares. Rob had bitch that was very good at catching hares. It was chasing one towards a dyke where he was scything. He put the scythe across a ...

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Ailean na Biodaig a' fàisneachadh nach fhuiricheadh am bàill..., 20 May 1953

Track ID : 3755

Ailean na Biodaig foreseeing that the bailiff would never enter the house he was building. People were hauling stones to build a house for the bailiff. Ailean na Biodaig had stopped early and had ...

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Monchuis and Meanchuis a' trusadh sùgh., 28 May 1953

Track ID : 3759

Monchuis and Meanchuis picking fruit. Monchuis and Meanchuis were picking fruit. As Monchuis picked it, Meanchuis ate it. Monchuis therefore went to get a stick with which to hit him, but found th...

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Story about the Deil o Baldarroch., 1953

Track ID : 3366

Story about the Deil o Baldarroch. A man and a woman were spreading dung when a shower came on and they sheltered behind a dyke. The woman said it was a pity that the graips [dung-forks] wouldn't ...

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Sgeulachd air mac a chaidh air chall agus a thill air ais io..., 1953

Track ID : 7368

A tale of a son who was lost and then appeared many years later. The contributor tells the tale of the woman who went out to collect fuel and left her only child, a son, in the house, alone. When ...

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Tha Iain a' giùlan ciste-laighe air a dhruim. Fhad 's a tha..., 1953

Track ID : 7372

Iain carries a coffin on his back, takes shelter inside it during a heavy hail storm and frightens a church elder. The contributor tells that there is no wood on Iona and coffins had to be made in...

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Ròlaistean mu thachartasan an Canada nuair a bha reothadh mò..., 1970

Track ID : 7663

Tall stories about experiences in Canada during a severe frost.

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Radain a' toirt air falbh sgeinean is spàinean., 1970

Track ID : 7664

Rats removing items of cutlery. A tall story about rats removing cutlery from a drawer and laying them out in a basement room. The rats replaced each item by something in its place - in this insta...

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