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Cleachdaidhean tiodhlacaidh, croitearachd, iasgach, agus nit..., 16 June 1969

Track ID : 87659

Fieldworkers : Fraser, Ian, 1941- (1511)

Funeral customs, crofting, fishing, and supernatural beings. Information on the following subjects: funeral customs (including the consumption of whisky, biscuits and cheese); crofting (cattle and...

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Alasdair Òig 'ic 'ic Neacail, 1953

Track ID : 23329

In the first section of this waulking song, a woman is addressing young Alasdair Nicolson. She wishes she could bear a son for him, perhaps even five, six or seven sons. Each would have a professio...

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Dithis bhreabadairean ann an Tiriodh, Gilleabart agus Coinneach., 1953

Track ID : 3321

Contributors : Thorburn, Samuel (1773)
Fieldworkers : Ross, James (406)

Two Tiree weavers, Gilleabart and Coinneach Beag, selling their customers' cloth to make money. Gilleabart and Coinneach Beag are two weavers in Tiree. Instead of returning completed orders for cl...

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Goban Saor agus a mhac a' robaigeadh banca gun fhios do dhuine., June 1957

Track ID : 31142

Contributors : Thorburn, Samuel (1773)
Fieldworkers : Ross, James (406)

Goban Saor and his son secretly rob a bank. There was a famous carpenter in Ireland called Goban Saor. He and his son, who was also a carpenter, were working on a new bank being built. They made a...

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Mac an Duine Uasail agus Nighean na Banntraich, 07 April 1951

Track ID : 34345

A nobleman from Inverness had one son who was courting a widow's daughter. The nobleman disapproved of this and sent his son to America. After some time, the son sent word to the girl that she shou...

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Dealan-dè, 05 August 1988

Track ID : 66555

Contributors : MacDonald, Kate (579)
Interviewers : MacDonald, Jo (3772)

Growing up in Carinish, North Uist. Kate MacDonald was born and brought up in Carinish in North Uist and talks about her youth. Her father was a blacksmith and they also had a shop and the post of...

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Mìneachadh air an fhacal 'tur'. Eisimpleir: aran tur - aran..., 13 May 1976

Track ID : 18560

Contributors : Dick, Lachlan (413)

Definition of the word 'tur'. Example: aran tur - bread with no butter, etc.

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An t-eun mòr agus am baile a chaidh a bhàthadh., 13 May 1976

Track ID : 18562

Contributors : Dick, Lachlan (413)

The giant bird and the village that was drowned. Story about a giant bird which lay an egg beside a village. When the locals cracked the egg, the resulting fluid drowned everybody. The contributo...

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Cleachdaidhean Samhna., 17 February 1977

Track ID : 18576

Halloween customs. Girls celebrated Halloween on the 12th of November. They had a queen who was dressed up. Two customs were reading the white of an egg and reading cabbage stalks. Mention of the...

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Iomradh air leigheasan., 17 February 1977

Track ID : 18577

Mention of various cures. People who were born feet first were supposed to have the ability to cure. A seventh son would cure scrofula. Silver water and sìoman ceàrr [rope twisted the wrong way] w...

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