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Tha am fiosraiche a' mìneachadh brìgh nam faclan 'èircheas',..., November 1966

Track ID : 66230

The contributor explains the meaning of 'èircheas', 'ceangal sìde' and 'ceabhail' and tells how they would be used.

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'S Truagh Nach Fhaicinn Fhìn Do long, March 1963

Track ID : 28430

In this waulking song, the bardess wishes she could see her lover's ship. His musical ability is praised in formulaic lines. The contributor gives information about the song and its composer.

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Soraidh leis an Àit', March 1963

Track ID : 28455

The poetess Mary MacPherson speaks lovingly of the area of Skye in which she grew up. She describes some of the sights of her native island in detail.

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Uamh an Òir, 15 February 1979

Track ID : 68553

Fieldworkers : Cooke, Peter Rich (3279)

The contributor speaks about Norman MacRury, and his knowledge of pibroch songs. He tells the story of a piper who went into a cave. His music became fainter and fainter. The piper never came back....

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Tha am fiosraiche ag innse mu fhacail Ghàidhlig a th' aca an..., February 1970

Track ID : 87506

The contributor talks about some Gaelic words that are used in Tiree.

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Mar a fhuair Cu Chulainn agus athair bàs., 04 April 1960

Track ID : 46239

How Cu Chulainn and his father died. Cu Chulainn went to Ireland to see his father, who was a strong man. His father didn't recognise him and fired a lance at him. Cu Chulainn fell. He told his fa...

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Facail Ghàidhlig à Tiriodh co-cheangailte ris a' chladach., 1968

Track ID : 61033

Gaelic terms from Tiree connected with the shore.

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Cleachdaidhean Callainn ann an Tiriodh., 1968

Track ID : 57846

Tiree Hogmanay customs. Poultry was killed for Hogmanay. Information about the casan-uchd [breast strip of a sheep]. Discussion about Hogmanay customs. Candles are still lit in many parts of Tire...

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Bha am fiosraiche eòlach air MacIlleMhìcheil., 1968

Track ID : 57829

The contributor knew Carmichael. The contributor remembers Carmichael. He had good Gaelic. He would visit his father. Many Tiree folk gave him material. Despite being an excise man he liked a drin...

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Leigheas air gulman., 1973

Track ID : 46761

A cure for a cataract or sore on the eye. The contributor relates a cure for 'gulman' - a sore on the eye. Grass was cut with early morning dew and placed in a basin with water from a spring. Thre...

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