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Magadh air fear 's an cat aige., 1970

Track ID : 7665

The mocking of a man and his cat. A funny story of a man claiming to have a wise cat. The cat could guide him home in pitch darkness. When asked how he could see it, he said it was the shining in ...

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Sgeulachad air mar a lorg dìolain a h-athair., 1970

Track ID : 7667

A story of how an illegitimate daughter finds her father.

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Fealla-dhà air bàta nuair a bhathar a' dol a bhuain na mònad..., 1970

Track ID : 7639

An anecdote of jokes on a boat at peat cutting time.

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Sgeulachd fhanaideach mu Thormod an Tàillear air am biodh lè..., 1970

Track ID : 7650

An amusing story about a well dressed man called Tormod an Tàillear.

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A' toirt bainne na cloinne 'National Milk' do pheata uain., 1970

Track ID : 7660

Feeding a pet lamb on 'National Milk' supplied for children. Alasdair Dhòmhnaill Bhàin had difficulty feeding a pet lamb and started feeding it on 'National Milk' supplied for children. He was app...

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Spòrs mhòr air sàillibh fuar-lite., 1970

Track ID : 7661

A poultice causing great amusement. A local character was hit on the eye with a home made staff. He applied a poultice of wet tea leaves but his friend advised a poultice of bread which stuck to h...

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Bhiodh fear a' siubhal astar seachd mìle deug gu cladh far a..., 1970

Track ID : 7634

A man had to travel seventeen miles to a graveyard where his amputated leg was buried, to scratch it.

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Mar a gheibheadh duine às le murt sna seann làithean., c. July 1953

Track ID : 7256

How murderers got off scot-free in olden times. It was once normal practice to allow murderers etc. to go free if they were not caught within seven years of committing a crime. The contributor tel...

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Mar a thàinig ceòl an toiseach do na h-Eileanan Siar., July 1953

Track ID : 3266

How music first came to the Western Isles. A widow's only son found a musical instrument on the seashore but got very depressed because he was unable to play it. His mother went to a 'sgoil-dhubh'...

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Mòr Liath agus an Seumarlan., 1953

Track ID : 3267

Mòr Liath and the Sheriff. Mòr Liath and the sheriff, Murchadh Liath, were forever falling out. They were deft at satirising. The contributor recites one such tête-à-tête which took place between ...

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