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Mar a bhathas a' cleachdadh clòimh dhubh., 17 February 1977

Track ID : 18584

Uses of black wool. Black sheep's wool was of little use. They made stockings with it and mixed a little of it into the ordinary wool for tweed making.

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Iomradh air geamannan air a chluich le putanan: 'Spidean' ag..., 17 February 1977

Track ID : 18585

Description of two games played with buttons: 'Spidean' and 'An Crathadh Beag'.

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Mar a thachair do dh'fhear a chaidh do Mhanitoba., 1970

Track ID : 34962

Contributors : MacLeod, Angus (7653)

Experiences of an emigrant in Manitoba. The contributor tells the experiences of a man who had emigrated to Manitoba many years before. At first, the man and his family lived in a tent, which coll...

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Fiosrachadh mu Là an Dròibh ann an Steòrnabhagh., 10 March 1977

Track ID : 43843

Information about the Stornoway cattle sale. The day of the cattle sale was a big occasion. There were three sales in Stornoway, but the summer event was a big affair, with all kinds of entertainm...

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Mar a leighis Còirneal Caimbeul lòinidh., 21 April 1977

Track ID : 49544

Colonel Campbell's cure for arthritis. A man in Gribun had arthritis. Colonel Campbell told the man's wife to make a big fire and to fill two basins with garbh-ghucag. He made the man stand, naked...

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Fiosrachadh mu dheidhinn taigh-dubh., 18 May 1977

Track ID : 49783

Information about a blackhouse. The contributor describes a fire in the middle of the floor that he saw in a blackhouse. Information about the house and furniture.

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Fiosrachadh mun ainm Tuimisgearraidh., 26 November 1981

Track ID : 50500

Information about the place name Timsgarry. The contributor tells that the name Timsgarry comes from 'Tom an Sgoraidh'. The people of Lewis went there to pay their 'sgoradh', or taxes. The place w...

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Fiosrachadh mu dheidhinn obair na beairt., 03 December 1981

Track ID : 50599

Information about weaving. The contributor provides detailed information about the loom he operated, giving the names for different parts and explaining how it worked. Information about making hom...

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Duan na Callainn mar a bha e ann am Beàrnaraigh, 1970

Track ID : 60235

The rhyme for Old New Year in Berneray. The contributor describes how a group would go round the houses in Berneray on the eleventh day after Christmas and recite the Duan Callainn, the New Year r...

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Fiosrachadh mu dheidhinn ceann-cropaig agus bonnach-eathair...., 1978

Track ID : 62033

Information about crappit heid and boat-bannocks. The contributor explains how crappit heid was made. Information about the boat-bannocks which fishermen took with them to sea.

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