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Bhon Tug Mi an Gleann mun Nollaig Orm, December 1955

Track ID : 94067

Since the bard went down the glen at Christmas time he worries in case it was the drink he consumed which made his relationship with Seònaid develop.

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Tha Mi Sgìth Trom Airtneulach, December 1955

Track ID : 94086

A girl's song of unrequited love. She regrets that she is not lying next to her beloved in the secret place where they used to meet, with her head resting on his plaid.

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Agus Hò Mhòrag, December 1955

Track ID : 94100

A Jacobite propaganda song where Prince Charles Edward Stuart is referred to by his epithet 'Mòrag'. A list of those who will rise up in rebellion with him is given in the song.

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Gu Bheil an Gille Dubh-dhonn, December 1955

Track ID : 94102

A woman's love song. She tells that her heart is wounded such that it will never heal, until she goes to her grave.

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Gun Till Mi mas Maireann Mi, December 1955

Track ID : 94104

In this song a sailor and his beloved are parting as he leaves on a voyage. He pledges his love for her and says that if he lives he will return to her. He reflects on their courting days and says ...

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Ma Dhubh an Tomaidh, 31 December 1955

Track ID : 20774

In this humorous ditty a woman asks teasing questions, for example "were you ever in Soay, where there are hens and geese? They put them on the table and I ate my fill of them." She also says "Son ...

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Oidhche Dhomh 's Mi a' Dol Air Thuras, 31 December 1955

Track ID : 20792

A love song, where the narrator talks of seeing their loved one going dancing.

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Òran do Mhac Eòghainn Fìdhleir, February 1953

Track ID : 2024

This song is a lament composed by a father, describing his grief after the drowning of his son. It goes on to describe the talents of the son as a fisherman and as a sportsman. The son's temperamen...

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Hi ù ò ra hù bhò, February 1953

Track ID : 2026

In this song a woman tells of her sorrow after the drowning of her beloved, describing his body in the sea and his hair being tossed among the seaweed.

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Bidh an Deoch air Làmh mo Rùin, February 1953

Track ID : 2029

In this waulking song the bard wishes she was in Uist, where her son is.

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