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Hamish Henderson asks about songs from Rhynie, Lumsden and S..., 1954

Track ID : 10145

Hamish Henderson asks about songs from Rhynie, Lumsden and Strathdon. Hamish Henderson asks Maggie Stewart if she knows any songs from Rhynie or Lumsden, such as 'The Shepherd Lad o Rhynie', 'Lang...

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'Praeses' and 'primus' as titles in churches., 1952

Track ID : 10153

'Praeses' and 'primus' as titles in churches. John Strachan's church at Craigdam still has a praeses and still pays the minister direct. The praeses is like a chairman or president of a meeting. H...

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Song of the Gillie More, c. 1956

Track ID : 16917

A song conveying a message of fraternity between Leith blacksmiths and their Soviet counterparts, and more generally in spirit, between working men and women of all trades.

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A Spy for Hitler, 1962

Track ID : 17111

The singer is a Nazi spy within the Kremlin.

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Scots Wha Hae, 1952

Track ID : 80825

Hamish Henderson leads the audience in a rendition of Robert Burns' patriotic song 'Scots Wha Hae'.

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Bing Avree Barra Gadgie, 14 October 1972

Track ID : 81668

A song in Traveller cant: Bing avree, barry gadgie, Here's the hornies bingin up the wattle, For the gry it's eatin the grannin. Bing avree, barry gadgie, noo. [Go away, young man, Here are the p...

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Òran Mòr MhicLeòid, August 1952

Track ID : 49118

This Skye song was composed by the blind harper Roderick Morrison, one of the MacLeod bards in the 17th century. He finds the echo of past mirth and past playing, out on the slopes of the mountains...

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Remarks on Jimmy MacBeath., August 1959

Track ID : 45984

Remarks on Jimmy MacBeath. Hamish Henderson tells the audience that Jimmy MacBeath has gone missing in Edinburgh and quotes John Strachan's description of his gravelly voice and face like a neep [...

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The Trooper and the Maid, August 1959

Track ID : 46484

A trooper arrives in town; the girl looks after his horse then gives him food and wine and invites him to her bed.

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The Flyting o Life and Daith, 1965

Track ID : 28632

Hamish Henderson's song 'The Flyting o Life and Daith', in which Life and Death contest each other's claim to rule over the world.

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