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The Brave Duke of Gordon is Cock of the North, 1956

Track ID : 3100

A verse that people used to call out to the Duke of Gordon as he rode past to Tomintoul: The brave Duke of Gordon is Cock o the North, He can hunt in every forest between Grantshouse and Forth, He...

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King Fareweel, 1956

Track ID : 3178

A recited fragment: At Prestonpans we arranged our clans, And mony a baby lost its daddy; Like winds on the sky we made them fly, Wi every wave o the tartan plaidie.

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Bothy ballads were not sung in Glenlivet., 1956

Track ID : 3180

Bothy ballads were not sung in Glenlivet.

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Adam Cameron, 1956

Track ID : 3191

Recited fragments of the song 'Adam Cameron': Adam Cameron is my name, I'm the second son o a' Boyndie, My elder brother he heirs the land, I'm a soldier true and you'll find me. O I took leave f...

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Tam Lin, 1956

Track ID : 3194

A recited fragment of the ballad 'Tam Lin': The Elfin Queen'll gie a shout, "Tam o Lin's awa!" The contributor explains that Tam Lin had been captured by the fairies and couldn't escape until a w...

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Songs recited rather than sung in Glenlivet. , 1956

Track ID : 3195

Songs recited rather than sung in Glenlivet. Hamish Henderson asks if songs were sung, or just said in a sing-song. Adam Lamb says that in his day, people just said the words over to remember them.

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The Band o Shearers, 1956

Track ID : 3138

A recited fragment of the song 'The Band o Shearers': Bonnie lassie, will ye gang, And shear wi me the hale day lang? And efter a' the shearin's done We'll hae a rantin roarin fun An forget a' the...

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Johnny o Breadisley, 1956

Track ID : 3139

Recited fragments of the ballad 'Johnnie o Breadisley', in which Johnnie is assaulted by a band of foresters; he retaliates, killing all but one, whom he sends home injured.

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The Battle o Harlaw, 1956

Track ID : 3140

Recited fragments of the ballad, 'The Battle o Harlaw': As I cam doon by Durisdeer An ower by Netherha' There wis fifty thoosan Hielanmen A' mairchin tae Harlaw. The Hielanmen wi their lang swo...

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The Minister and his Wether, 1956

Track ID : 3141

A recited fragment of the song 'The Minister and his Wether', in which a boy tells us: The minister has a fine fat wether, He was fed on corn and hay, And I'll go doon wi some corn in ma pooch And...

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