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Gu Robh Plaid aig Mòrag, 1963

Track ID : 78786

This is a vocal dance tune which is often sung or played at a faster tempo as a reel. It is about Morag's blanket which was over 25 feet in length.

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Cha Tèid Mise Cha Tèid Mi, c. November 1964

Track ID : 106991

This is a four-line fragment of a waulking song. Each of the lines has been repeated.

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'S Mi 'm Shuidhe nam Ònar, c. November 1964

Track ID : 106993

A song in which the composer is enquiring about the whereabouts of the MacGregors.

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Nam Faighinn Gille Airson Ceannach, c. November 1964

Track ID : 107000

A tale of intense but disappointed love where the two people involved are, for whatever reason, forbidden to meet or associate in any way. The bard says that there is no joy on earth for him if he ...

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Cadal Cha Dèan Mi, c. November 1964

Track ID : 107001

A woman tells of her sadness as the man she loved is not coming. He was in a boat which went aground on the headland. He saved the others. She had hoped to go to live in Glasgow.

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Seo a' Bhliadhna a Chuir às Dhomh, c. November 1964

Track ID : 107003

A man's song of lost love. He describes the effect on his health of what has happened.

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Ruidhleadh Mo Nighean Donn, c. November 1964

Track ID : 107004

This vocal dance tune is a reel.

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Nuair a dh'Eugas Mac Iain 'ic Iain, c. November 1964

Track ID : 107005

A vocal dance tune in reel form. It describes the food and drink at the funeral when a named person dies.

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Tarbh Mhic Eòin, October 1966

Track ID : 107093

A vocal dance tune mainly in strathspey style. It tells of a bull and a pig which the composer would like to kill.

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Nìghneag a' Chùil Duinn nach Fhan Thu, c. July 1964

Track ID : 86494

This is a popular waulking song in the form of a love song. The composer thinks of his meetings with a dark-haired girl, but admits to having met others.

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