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Fiosrachadh mun àirigh., 19 September 1958

Track ID : 38852

Information about the sheiling. The contributor's sister went to a sheiling at the back of Hatharsal in Howmore when she was young. Her mother told her about her experiences of going to the sheili...

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Am fear a reic e fhèin ris an Donas., 12 November 1959

Track ID : 35848

The man who sold himself to the Devil. A certain man by the name of the Black Blacksmith of Harris sold himself to the Devil. The Devil turned himself into money and asked the blacksmith to put hi...

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Bàs Dhiarmaid, September 1958

Track ID : 57566

The contributor tells extracts from the story of Diarmad and recites verses from 'Laoidh Dhiarmaid'.

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Oidhche Luan-Dòmhnaich, October 1958

Track ID : 40339

"A woman combing her curly hair On Monday morning. She did nothing on earth To obtain mercy for her soul."

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Thill caileag mharbh agus bhruidhinn i ri a màthair., October 1958

Track ID : 40340

A dead girl returns and speaks to her mother. A girl died and her mother was mourning her loss. The dead girl appeared before her and she prayed to God to make her go away. The apparition said it ...

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Ealachan, ròin agus criomag de dh'òrain luaidh., October 1958

Track ID : 40342

Swans, seals and a fragment of a waulking song. The interviewer mentions the belief that swans were a king's children under spells. MacCodrum of the Seals is mentioned. The contributor recites fra...

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Cha Till MacCruimein, October 1958

Track ID : 40371

The contributor tells a story about one of the Clan MacCrimmon going to see an old man to find out if he would ever return from the war. The old man says that the woman of the house must put everyt...

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Siud mar a Dhannsadh Ùisdean Friseal, October 1958

Track ID : 40372

The contributor tells the story of a man who left his wife and took the money with him. In the story, his wife follows him up to a glen where he is singing and dancing. The contributor recites a pi...

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Mar a chaidh dha leth-amadan sa chùirt., October 1958

Track ID : 40374

How a simpleton fared in court. A simpleton had to take an oath in Lochmaddy court, but didn't know how. The sheriff told him to repeat what he said. He took this literally and repeated everything...

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Fhuair amadan comas pìobaireachd ann an sìthean., September 1958

Track ID : 68102

A fool got the ability to play the pipes in a fairy knoll. There was a fool whose brother was a piper. The fool played the chanter at a big gathering and it was the finest piping they had ever hea...

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