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Dithis bhodach às an Ìochdar a ghoid bò air Mac 'ic Ailein., July 1964

Track ID : 86007

Two men from Eochar steal a cow from Clanranald. Two men from Eochar and their sons try to steal a cow. They then try to trick each other. They have to appear before Clanranald. Clanranald gives h...

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Mar a fhuair am madadh-ruadh làmh-an-uachdair air a' bhrocai..., 1959

Track ID : 30526

How the fox got the better of the foxhunter. There was a foxhunter who used to hang the corpses of every fox he killed in his kitchen. He lived in an old house, in which he kept a cow. One night h...

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Mar a thug biast-dhubh an car à croitear., 1959

Track ID : 30527

How an otter tricked a crofter. There was a crofter from Loch Aoineart who came across an otter in a burn. He hit the otter, which then pretended to be dead. He grabbed its tail and put it over hi...

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Seòras Bochanan agus an Deamhan., 1959

Track ID : 30530

George Buchanan and the Devil. Nobody could ever trick George Buchanan. Once, he was with a group who were practising the black arts. They met in a house, and the last night that they met, the Dev...

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An t-uachdaran agus an sagart., 14 June 1958

Track ID : 32848

The landowner and the priest. A landowner was looking for an excuse to kill the priest. He told him that in three days he would ask him three questions. He would be put to death if he couldn't ans...

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An sagart, am ministear, agus na cearcan., 14 June 1958

Track ID : 32359

The priest, the minister, and the chickens. A priest was having a minister round to dinner. The cook boils two chickens and her sweetheart eats them. The minister arrives and the priest comes to s...

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Fearchar Fiaclach., 1959

Track ID : 32735

Fearchar Fiaclach. A pregnant woman waited for a very long time, and got bigger and bigger, but there was no sign of her child being born. A beggar came to her house one day, and was told about a ...

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Gormail Mhòr 's an geamair., 1959

Track ID : 32736

Gormail the Witch and the gamekeeper. The contributor describes how the Doideag Mhuileach and Gormail Mhòr were involved in the sinking of Iain Garbh's ship. Gormail appeared in the form of a whit...

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Dòmhnall Dubh na Cuthaige agus an sagart., 1959

Track ID : 31318

Dòmhnall Dubh na Cuthaige and the priest. Dòmhnall Dubh na Cuthaige lived in Canna. He was rebuked by a priest for killing an old woman. The priest wanted to go to Uist but Dòmhnall prevented him,...

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Bha aig bean Fhinn ri taghadh cò na daoine bhiodh rin cur fa..., January 1960

Track ID : 45446

Fionn's wife had to choose which men to throw overboard; otherwise they would all be drowned. Fionn, his wife and father-in-law, Dubhan, were out in a boat. There were thirty men on board with the...

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