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Soraidh Leis a' Mhaighdinn a tha gun Ghruaim, November 1963

Track ID : 32141

This is a man's love song in which the composer expresses a fear that the joiner will steal the girl he loves. He sends greetings to her in Morvern.

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Ìri iù horò Leannain, November 1963

Track ID : 32166

This is a love song in which the composer expresses a fear that the girl he loves will marry someone else. He tells her the type of man she should avoid, should she choose someone other than him.

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A Fhleasgaich Òig as Ceanalta, May 1954

Track ID : 19110

This is a woman's love song in which the composer says she will leave her family and follow the man she loves. He is named as Alastair MacDonald, and described as a hunter and skipper.

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'S Toigh Leam an Tè Dhìleas Dhonn, 13 July 1976

Track ID : 101511

In this love song a man says that he likes the faithful girl. He praises her and says that he was crying in case she had married whilst he was away.

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Casag an Èisg, 06 August 1975

Track ID : 95516

This is a humorous quern song.

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'S e Fàth Mo Mhulaid, 11 July 1975

Track ID : 109068

The bard is in Glasgow, but would much prefer to be in Mull. He expresses anger about those who have cleared people from the island.

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An Faca Tu Saor an t-Sàbhaidh, 13 June 1975

Track ID : 87047

This vocal dance tune is a strathspey which asks if you saw the sawing joiner, and the joiner's saw.

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Hoirean o ho hi ri dhiu o, 15 January 1976

Track ID : 94774

In this song the bard is praising the place that he comes from. Although he is now in the Lowlands he says that he prefers the straths and the nature of the Highlands.

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Siud an Deoch Mhilis, 19 January 1976

Track ID : 94775

This is a song in praise of drink.

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'S e Banais a' Ghobha, 21 November 1975

Track ID : 95192

This song is about the blacksmith's wedding.

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