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M' Eudail Air Do Shùilean Donna/I Bhi Àda, 1977

Track ID : 88528

Interviewers : Innes, Bill, 1933- (646)

Two mouth music songs. In the first song the composer says that she will marry the fair-haired lad if he is telling the truth.

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Tha M' Eudail 's M' Aighear 's Mo Ghràdh, 1977

Track ID : 88544

Interviewers : Innes, Bill, 1933- (646)

A man's love song. He would exchange his health to have the girl he loves. He has never seen another woman as beautiful as she is. He cannot write a verse, or sing or listen to laughter without her.

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Òran Cladaich, 1971

Track ID : 47731

A song in which the poet describes working on the shore.

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Mhòrag Leat Shiùbhlainn, 1971

Track ID : 47732

A man's love song. He would follow his beloved Morag to the moon. His hope lies in her promise. Her beauty cannot be improved upon and when she sings, the birds come to listen.

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Prògram Choinnich, 07 October 1998

Track ID : 22422

How much people are willing to spend at the hairdressers. Cherie Blair has sparked a debate on how much a woman is willing to spend, and why, at the hairdressers. Margaret MacLeod, Chrissie MacPhe...

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Prògram Choinnich, 10 January 2001

Track ID : 31561

Two people explain why they have such a high regard for country music. Margaret MacLeod and Catriona MacPhee explain why they are drawn to country music. They are particularly fond of female singe...

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Prògram Choinnich, 23 July 2001

Track ID : 33857

Three former students describe what they learned from having summer jobs.

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Tha M' Inntinn A-raoir, A-Nochd 's A-raoir/Port à Ceap Breatainn, June 1975

Track ID : 85902

Two vocal dance tunes; one from Lewis and one from Cape Breton.

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Cànan nan Gàidheal, June 1975

Track ID : 85914

A song in which the poet exhorts Gaelic speakers to take pride in their language and ensure that it does not decline.

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Prògram Choinnich, 07 October 1997

Track ID : 11706

Is it right for performers to use their name to get into politics? Two who are involved in broadcasting and a singer discuss whether it is right for people who are actors or presenters to use thei...

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